Costco Wholesale Food Review – Eating Adventures in Costco!

So am I the only one that goes inside of my local Costco Wholesale Spot just to get my hungry on with their samples? Actually, I seen some Chili on my way out that I plan to review soon in their food court.


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Lola_ 428 says:

I don’t know why you don’t have 1mil yet loved it our channel from the beginning

Eric B. says:

No “SUPER OFFICIAL” intro!!?!! And you had to school the Costco folks on the YouTuber status!!?!! What dimension is this??!?? All Love, God Bless. Keep grindin’, Brother.

RabidDogma says:

The problem with any yakisoba that’s not freshly made is that you don’t get the “yaki” part. “Yakisoba” is fried soba noodles. If you want to make those noodles pop, toss them into a skillet, pan, wok, whatever and fry them up real quick with a little oil, soy sauce, and sesame oil.

Nelwyn says:

4:52 looks like a vagina. He even said hit that thing lol

SXM: Xairid says:

“Costco Memberships increase by 200%” lmao, but srsly, you gotta do their food court Daym.

LMPunk says:

I work here lol

China Weathers says:

Yo Daym check out Arby’s NEW smokehouse beef short rib loaded curly fries bro their smokehouse NEW burgers too

Warren E says:

I think he doesn’t know there’s an actual food court in Costco

Michael Lopez says:

Costco baby !!! #1 all day!

clawless92 says:

Oh gee I wonder what mozzarella sticks taste like

Christina Green says:

4:55 She ALLLLL up in your business. Lets hope she isn’t the type to call the police. “Yes office, they are in Cosco…eating dumplings!”

William Omamo says:

This guy is actually a glatton!

Dave Dorris says:

There was a Costco next to where I used to work. I’d go the “Costco Buffet” for lunch quite often. Do the tasting loop and grab a dog or a slice on the way out.

Lawrence Harmon says:

Daym need that short rib sandmich review on reg bread ya herd

Dwilsonmusic145 says:

Bro! I was just there when you filmed this! I can’t believe I just missed seeing you.

Kc K says:

Daym can you do a food review at Cracker Barrel. (A Choice of your own from the menu)

Jeremy Onlycashcounts Hargrove says:

Yooo Daym Fam you should do “Sheetz” gas station food…

Stammer91#beast says:

Samples 4 dayz haha.

Ayame Kyoto says:

What happened to that female personal trainer who used to be in your videos, Daym?

Nav Gee says:

Take those ear rings off your a grown man.

regortaz says:

Hypocritedrops still making food videos LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Bumpy Knuckles says:

Damn YouTube life is rough Daym’s gotta do sample reviews

Daniel Ryan says:

Those Costco chicken bakes were the kiss of death twenty years ago I doubt much has changed

Morphic c says:

Mozzarella sticks are better than sex.

Andrew Lee says:

Their moss sticks are from rich farmlands I think. I have them here in Asia. Use the air fryer and sometimes I can’t get it right to make the cheese super stringy but the taste is def legit

Rob G says:

I see a strategy going on

Mr poopy butthole says:

Dayum can you do a review on the cheesecake pop tart limited edition

ADR 421 says:

Daym lookin fresh

VincentHoliday says:

gmo central for this place.. reviewing costco food…hey man,i guess we gotta keep the video count up for YT. Why dont you have business cards to hand out,instead of “yeah-name is Daym Drops..D-A-Y-M D-R-O-P-S “…. i dunno,maybe you like that sorta thing. Interactin with the peoples. Oh,bout your club..are you doing live streams of the shows in the basement? That would be a nice add to your channel,plus it promotes your club at the same time. I didnt really care for this particular costco food review…all that food was garbage. They all woulda had a bunch of 1 stars from me. But thats jus me fam…keep doin you..props.

David Wells says:

I lost it when he said “take a little nature bite….i dont want no more nature bites” lmao

Bill Jones says:

Costco is the best store in the world, They honor any return for any reason, real customer service.

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