My FIRST TIME at Culver’s! I’m going all out with this extra-large ☆TRIPLE CHEDDAR BACON BUTTERBURGER☆ topped with Triple Midwest-Beef patties, Triple aged-Wisconsin Cheddar, tons of Bacon and I got it loaded with “THE WORKS” which is Ketchup, Mustard, Pickles and Onions all on their signature buttered bun!

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Clarence Boddicker says:

You certainly take the calories for us fans

BigjohnSVT says:

Culvers first started in Wisconsin Exclusively, but then they slowly moved into at least Illinois, Iowa, and other Midwest states. And now Culvers is expanding to almost everywhere!!

Tender Sheep says:

#BigBite #GreaseBite

Dixotube says:

I love tthe single camera angle!!

krusher plays says:

If you think 10 cars is a lot you clearly have never been to an in-and-out in cali

Michael K says:

Why just a triple?
Quad with bacon and extra cheese.
Extra butter. …like 5 extra pats of butter.
Big bite

nolan braley says:

Go to chicken shack in Parker

Y&S FOOD! says:

Awesome video footage! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to come across such a content. We make Travel & Food films as well, throughout the world, and also we are always looking to get inspirations and also creative concepts. Thank You.

bromag1 says:

That was a 9 walking out the building during the rating

Ryan Parish says:

That burger looked good Justin! Another great review brother.

You should try the baconator from Wendy’s!

Kool Moe Keem says:

Big Bite! Lol you got grease on your fresh shirt.

Vaping On Gas says:

Cheese curds, hamburgs, Rat turds!

zakelwe says:

I love the big bites of course, but does it not distract from tasting it on the first bite as you try to swallow rather than taste? It would be preferable to have some small bites at the start like the old days and some words of wisdom where your tongue actually hits it rather than the throat. Big bite only at the end for a finale

big boom says:

Gross look at the grease all over your face

Juan Veneroso says:

How to get a cardiac arrest watch now.

Aco says:

The beef and the cheese looks so tasty…damn, definetly i hope you enjoy that burguer (it seems you do) but hey, try to do smaller bites pal

JackmoveJohnny says:

You remind me of John C. Reilly.

petter griffin says:

Wait are you that dude in that movie? Im a guy from a show

Terror Knights says:

Woah are you John C Riely’s bro? You guys look so much alike except for the hair. Both you guys are lit!

Zack F says:

A coronary on a bun 🙂

Frances Brooks says:

you can do it

Sammie Mayo says:

No Culvers in Richmond. Va! I’m a burger lover an RVA is sad when it comes to burgers, we have the standard shit holes, McD, Bk, Wendy, Hardees,..smh

Michael Bryant says:

Cheddar rat turds, lol.

Clouds Below92 says:

Better tuck in that chain before Joey snatches it

LakeLife 365 says:

I live in Wisconsin (where Culver’s was originated) and it’s just so fucking good. By far best chain restaurant. And it’s all fresh

urzamtg says:

id love to see a big bite series where you see what fast food items you can eat in 1 big bite

J T says:

Triple Bypass burger?

SandmanFightingSys says:

Looks good but I wouldn’t pay over $7 for that

Tremendo562 M. says:

yo he look like dude from step brothers not will farell.

VABeachKilla says:

Gotta get the cheese curds!

juice says:

That’s extremely greasy lol

Noun boy says:

How would you like your heart attack, sir? With or without brain seizures?

William Fonticiella says:

I think it’s cause you want to be different? That’s my guess, but why not enjoy your food and savior the flavors, instead of taking stupid large bites?

Justin McCulley says:

Go back try the cheese curds plzzzzzzzzzz

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