Culver’s ☆TRIPLE SWISS MELT & DOUBLE BUTTERBURGER w/Daughter☆ Food Review!!!

My daughter came to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with me! This is Sarah’s FIRST TIME at Culver’s! She got hooked up with a Double Cheddar Bacon ButterBurger and I got the TRIPLE Wisconsin Swiss Melt! Of course, we both got CHEESE CURDS! Just a dad and daughter feasting on the Midwest’ best Culver’s in Denver Colorado 🙂 BIG BITE!!!

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evenflow says:

I have to eat peanut m&ms to this just so I dont go crazy

daniel lucada says:

So you call people who have work trucks assholes? I wonder which on is the true asshole.

Amos Presley says:

*Today, now that seems even sounds deliciously good to have around.*

Lance Tieger says:

I’m with you brother. I hate Swiss cheese. Feel better man.

lucas mcquillan says:

I love Culver’s butter burgers they’re amazing they got good sweet potato fries too good to see her daughter back hope you had a great Thanksgiving big bite

Todd Anderson says:

Yes again put the number on your window!! duh everyone knows this. uhgg sauce maybe some ketchup for your cheese curds. you have no clue about the midwest and culvers

Bobby Kimble says:

Of course the woman has some crazy modified order

BudbrothersYT says:

BIG BITE!!!!!!

Nathan Goddard says:

John c Reilly?

brian howell says:

Your daughter is hot

Dan Krahn says:

New to seat belt regulations? New to fat/sugar content with your child? Way to parent! Especially when you you choke a big bite with a baby in the back. Yes, I have HAD seen previous episodes

Todd Anderson says:

do your research on stuff you haven’t have!!

Antonieto says:


Phillip says:

Check out the channel “JAX ACDC” he only has 100 subs but you should shout him out he does good food reviews

Tyler Durden says:

I mean no disrespect, but I want to sleep with your daughter. She is so cute.

Daniel Robinson says:

Just a thought, why not stick it on the top of the car? BIG BITE!

Rongle Bringer says:

I hope your daughter gets knocked up by a black dude. We’ll see how pro race mixing you are after that.

Victoria C says:

You and daym drops have beef like that to call him a gorilla? Lol let me know! Am I missing a video where he called you out?

Btw love ya videos
Love from Chicago ❤️

brian howell says:

Your daughter is hot

jsmith198095 says:

Justin.. Have you ever tried Taco Johns?? If not you must try my friend.


There new sweet potatoes fries r actually good and the chicken tenders with there honey mustard is good

Foodie's God says:

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TheZack890 says:

Her nails and makeup is really good <3

Punky Jacob says:

Love Sarah and the daddy/daughter reviews!!!

kꆭnᒎiro - Я.Қ.† says:

Swiss cheese is much better melted!

MrRamayr98 says:

Pretty girl! Adopted???

Zack F says:

I’d like to see your daughter imitate your verbal style/delivery. That’d be funny.

Scott Choate says:

Man !-both them burgers looked delicious lol,great video brother,have a great weekend.

Steven Shields says:

What do Justin and Roseanne have in common? Think about it…

Realpolitik Santa says:

The order taker was probably a human being. And she didn’t quite hear what you said, because, you know, she’s not perfect…because, she’s a human.

Maybe let’s not be so judgmental and just give us a food review without sounding like a monumental asshole?

Mike R says:

Lmao awesome video man! Never been to Culver’s. I don’t believe they are in the northeast

David Wong says:

I really want to fuck you up!

That Was Easy!! Rocio Gaitan says:

I love when you do vids with your Daughters!! I would love a butter Burger! Looks so good!

Nick Tronson says:

Somebody please take me to Culvers. My address is 12 Cinrickbar Dr. Etobicoke, Ontario Canada.

Curtis says:

I love Culvers.

Adam Moreno says:

Yea that melt looks so good, might have to hit up Culver’s

teh one says:

The gf wouldn’t let me watch this once it got posted… Feels bad man 🙁 that looks bomb af, Great review as always brotha!

Happy holidays! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Adam Barnett says:

Damn you called daym a gorilla? You didnt really think before putting this up did ya lol

Caleb Thomas says:


A Perfect Panda says:

Wow…Daym Drops…really man?

crayznik1 says:

Traffic in denver? Is that a joke? Try coming to the DC area

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