Dairy Queen Chicken Tenders $5 Buck Lunch | MY FIRST Fast Food Review | The Wolfe Pit

My first Fast Food Review!! I’m trying Dairy Queen’s Chicken Tenders Five Buck Lunch meal! For only $5.00 you get 3 chicken strips, french fries, Texas Toast, dipping sauce, hot fudge sundae and a soda! That’s a lot of food for $5, but is it any good or good for us? How does it taste? How’s the quality? Is it a bargain? Watch and see!

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saabturbografx says:


Adam Barnett says:

Taco bell!!!

oopsibrokethecow says:

I wish our DQ served food. $5 is a pretty good deal for all that.

jloomis7 says:

The near 150 carbs warrants a diet coke. I have diabetes and not getting diet would ruin my day. Actually, this probably would anyway.

CARBiNOX says:

Wendy’s 4 for 4$ and new $5 deal are great

Sam Conrad says:

The Texas Toast goes with the gravy. They give you a large cup of gravy, so there is usually some left over after the chicken.

ALGERIA48 Bechikh says:

About time you started fast food reviews!
Thumbs down because your drink was diet.
if you reply to me to tell me you got diabettes i will change it to thumbs up.

Sweet! says:

I’m surprised that you haven’t died from like cardiac arrest yet… like the sh*t that you eat sometimes is like craaaaaasy

Alexander Addison says:

Fast food is bad! Expose the truth!

Armani Mumtahan says:

Starts at 5:33

ezrabrooks12 says:

Anything that’s good,Is always BAD FOR YOU!!!

Bruise Knee says:

one time i was in line for these amazing hotdogs in houston, i ordered 2 hotdogs and a diet coke. the girl behind say something to the likes of “why get a diet coke, youre eating hotdogs” i said “it’s not that i just like the taste better is all.” like her mind blew so much that she joined me with her hotdog and later that night sucked my dick.

MsKestrela says:

Wholly carp, that’s a lot of really bad food! But thank you for doing the video. I see folks in my town giving stuff to their kids every day. This is why I cook at home.

Mister Hat says:

Chick-fil-A has those ketchup packets too.

don417 says:

The toast is to dip in the Gravy that you didn’t get.

Sodi Contradicts Herself says:


Ron Duncan says:

Had this earlier today, gotta say, gravy is the better call.

Indrid_Cold says:

Hey Woolfie, do frozen pizza. Better still, do chain store pizza. Just cheese, no toppings.

Brandon P says:

WTF, my DQ doesn’t give toast with their $5 lunch. Not that I really want toast with it, but why do some give it and some don’t?

Jose Aldape says:

Hey im a really huge fan of your reviews ! Hope you see this, & if you do, you should try the grilled chicken fajita taco from whataburger, its #13 on the menu i believe. Thanks, keep up the good work, & i love your commentary !

Roy Spray says:

why you would pick ranch is beyond me. Next time get gravy. You finish the gravy with your fries. That’s the whole point of going to DQ. Tender basket or taco lunch. Also minus the burgers (skip that) DQ is one of the best fast food restaurants period. You can’t travel 80 miles in any direction without a DQ.

Elvin Rueda says:

First thing I saw is the sodium for the chicken strips and they wonder why we are getting high blood pressure early in age.

Mongo Friend says:

DQ’s near me in KS don’t have toast with the 5$ chicken. They do have it with there chicken baskets which are advertised with gravy. And I use to (Don’t eat it anymore) take one tender and make a little sandwich with they toast and dunk in the gravy. That is the only good use for it since like you said it is bland. AND I don’t eat there hardly ever. Avoiding fast food for the most part last 5-6 years for all the reasons you pointed out on the ingredients. ALSO by quitting fast food I don’t need high blood pressure and cholesterol meds. Thanks for sharing. Great review!

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