Del Taco Soft Taco – Food Review

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The Del Taco is inspired by the original and loaded with more of everything you love, like more seasoned beef and more hand-grated cheddar cheese, plus crisp lettuce and chopped fresh tomatoes in a warm flour tortilla.


One fast food eatery sees Atlanta as its hub for tacos and burritos. Del Taco Restaurants plans to aggressively grow its franchise base in Metro Atlanta going forward, CEO Paul Murphy told stock analysts on March 13.

“We are very committed to the Atlanta market. We’ve kind of named it the Southeast hub,” Murphy said. “So, alongside of our franchise partners, we’re going to be aggressively growing down there. But in 2017, you’ll see us still expanding strongly down in the Southeast hub … which is really grounded by Atlanta.”

Del Taco officials did not give the specific number of new stores they plan to open during the call. The chain operates seven eateries in the metro area and already has plans to open an eighth store off Cobb Parkway in Kennesaw, according to its website.

During the fourth quarter, Del Taco reported revenues of $150.2M, more than 12% growth from the same period in 2015, and its overall sales grew nearly 5% for the year in 2016, according to earnings reports.


Dragunity182 says:

is that the Del taco on I drive

Rob Diaz says:

Del taco always has a bag of cheese on every taco…

1sikR6 Oo says:

try it one more time but next time try the flat bread chicken taco meal you will be very satisfied

Pancho Garcia-Snyder says:

Sorry, but this dipshit misses the boat altogether… can always add more sauce to your food, but from his own words, the quality blows Taco Bell right out of the water! And when you get the combo burrito with the krinkle cut fries, it just has that special kick to it….Del Taco rules hands down over Taco Bell (home of the 29 cent value meal, beans on a napkin)….lol

Chick Deney says:

Del taco is 10 times better than taco bell. Reviewbrah I really like your videos. I think everybody is entitled to their opinion. judging by the taco you ate, I’d say I would probably be a little turned off from del taco too. however.. del taco and in an out Burger are the only fast food restaurants I’ve ever enjoyed. I get the feeling a Del Taco in Florida is WAY different that a del taco in Cali. I got the pleasure of trying del taco in Toledo ohio. I drove up there for a concert and stayed there for a few days. By my hotel was a del taco, and my girlfriend and I were curious to try it out because we’d never had it. Holy shit… we ate there like 5 times in three days. Her and I really loved the Baja fish tacos. review brah I think you should go to California and try Del Taco and in and out Burger there. I think you’d have a better experience and it’d be great for your content. keep up the good work my friend

Nick Ames says:

@TheReportOfTheWeek you are the best food reviewer in my mind plz comment back

Donnie Darko says:

Love their epic burritos and chili cheese fries.

jakewd44 says:

Yes lovely review, again.

Binky Coxswain says:

The pens in the top pocket are a brilliant touch.

petit fantôme says:

i like your style

Apex says:

Remember that del taco employee that went off on a costumer

mexicanamerican21 says:

The chicken soft tacos are the best and they have a very hot sauce that’ll burn your lips

Randy Florez says:

Has anything gotten a 10/10?

mikedabucify says:

Brah I worry about you living in Florida. Florida Man lives there. Please move.

NIKE 8% says:

he is very serious look at his eyes it scares me but he is good at food review and being a professional businessman hahah lol

LongDickDan 420 says:

quick question, do you regularly purchase water from starbucks or is that a waterbottle that they sell? i notice you drinking what appears to be ice water from their cup and was just wondering. thank you.

Weekwah says:

I’m laughing so hard about the cheese why is there so much lmfao

2010hondacbr1000rr says:

wasn’t the person there, that’s every Del taco, they fill it to the brim with cheese, Del taco isn’t very good

Makarov The Plat says:


I typed of of that up there, be proud of me

polanskyf says:

Eating this kind of food for show.
This guy took suicide on a new level.

Conley Griffin says:


Truth says:

The cheese can be handled with taco sauce.

SoughtOut says:

fuxk me hard bb

Trespasser249 says:

to be fair when i make homemade tacos.. mine are also that cheesy

lllstrikesmember2 says:


PQ S says:

You pluck your eyeborkws you’re definitely gay dude

Toxicmatrix says:

If this taco was a cheeseburger, it would have a 1/8oz patty with 6oz of cheese on it… Considering its a taco, much less bread than a burger, how did they mess up proportions so poorly?

cole newman. says:

you should review taco johns potato ole’s

mdmazing says:

can someone please tell me if he’s trolling. he is a living meme for sure

Rankin High says:

if she has to much cheese on her TACO . It’s not a taco to eat. 🙂

PoorBelfs says:

I love del Taco! Always taste like something my mom would make hehe Taco Bell just taste like slop(good slop but slop lol)

Theo Workman says:

I’m in Orlando as well.Glad to be a local fan!

priscy says:

soft taco, aka a taco

Tempest Fury says:

I would take Del Taco any day over Taco Bell. You really can’t compare mystery meat, both are….well mysterious. Taco Bell’s seems more filler than actual beef. You should compare chicken and steak. Del Taco wins in both. The “cheap” Original Chicken Roller is delicious with huge pieces of great chicken. You’d never have chicken like that at taco bell. The burgers are good and they cook it on the flat-top AFTER you order it! What a concept! Plus, you can have nachos with your burger or fries with your burrito, if that’s your deal. Taco Bell is like Corona where Del Taco is like Dos Equis (brown bottle please).

Erene Politis says:

Cross section

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