DELICIOUS Review of Taco Bell in India // Indian Fast Food Tour

Welcome to Taco Bell in India, everybody. If you want to see a caliente review of this Indian Taco Bell complete with chalupa, burrito, and lime freeze varieties, you’ve come to the right place!

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FOOD INFO // Some fast foods in this video include:

1. Lime & Mint Freeze
2. Spicy Cheese Chalupa with Tandoori Chicken
3.Chicken Tikka Masala Burrito
4. Mexican Paneer Chalupa

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Portrait Art Courtesy of Davkro (Twitter handle @Krooked_Glasses)
Intro / Outro Music: “BirdBrainz” by Otis McDonald
Maps & Pictures from Wikipedia (license: and


Chilltownify says:

Wow, just wow…yet another stupendous video !

udit agarwal says:

That some buckwild review ..

S Gandhi says:

You have the most annoying voice/commentary!

Phil Zeo says:

Pretty nice. I wonder if it’s more texmex or more Indian food? Is it some kind of statement about the alliance of multiple countries? I take comfort in the solace of knowing there are fast food companies out there, spreading cross-cultural inspiration out there.

revanta dasgpta says:

OMFG you were literally minutes away from my house !!

AstralVagabond says:

I’m from Scotland and we don’t really have Taco Bell here, so I don’t know what it tastes like. There’s only one consensus I can seem to draw from people who talk about it. Apparently it tastes good, but takes yer arsehole on an adventure come 3 o’clock in the mornin’. Guess it must be worth the struggle then.

Miss Kick says:

I am hungry…

Double Chins Lord says:

Is it cold in here because watching this vid made my nipples hard af.

Coddy Copeland says:

Mariachi dawgs? What an intriguing image that statement created in my mind.

Rolf Harris says:

Buck wild

Berean5 says:

I wonder how you stay is shape with all these high caloric foods. Mabye you’re too buckwild!

MrTacoburrito10 says:

Dirty American-Mexican in India, that’s a double whammy of buck wild splooge material

nitishpiyush says:

hey if you still are in delhi.. you should definitely try Rahul Eggs (below keshav puram metro station) which have 300 different varieties of eggs and also Kumar Samosa Wala, karampura (near moti nagar) you will get the best samosas with varieties like pasta samosa, pizza samosa, paneer tikka samosa and many more.

Cassius says:

Damn babycakes

Gerelos says:

Always been a Del Taco man, myself.

Tyler Yocco says:

Thanks for doing what you do man

Utkarsh Kohli says:

Well I was cruising around my youtube homepage hen this video popped right up in my alley and its safe to say I was feeling a tad AFNAR after seeing it. Anyways, I had to watch this video so i kept my phone aside as i couldnt hold the laptop , my phone and my dick at the same time. Anyways, getting a tad off topic here.
I havent been to Taco bell myself yet but as I was watching this video not only was I feeling I was in the video, I was feeling as if I was in that fucking TACO.Such was the quality of this video. Its safe to say that it touched my spirtual side. That looked mighty fine I hope I can catch that TACO action real soon.
Overall thats a fine fast food action , I would say a real fine fast food action. How fine you ask? Its as fine as Nazism of the fucking food Nazi’s i.e 6/5 Maharani Dawgs.:D Keep it coming sweetybuns. Hope you are doing well and get yo ass back to Delhi soon.:D Cheers.

SoloTravelBlog says:

Taco Bell is probably one of my favorite fast food restaurants… what’s yours??

Raju Kumaran says:

I hate it when food is customised for local palates, its not authentic anymore, what was the need to Indianise Taco bell, put in shit load of spices, its not tex mex or American anymore

Siddarrth World Blablabla says:

Man o man

SolarMoth says:

shiiiyut now i want indian tbell

DANCE MONSTER breaks everything says:

Have you been to Jaipur yet?

Maximiliano García García says:

Did you know that the tacos “al pastor” are the Indian kebabs adapted to Mexico? We are indeed a match made in heaven

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