Disrespectful Shake Shack Employee and a FOOD REVIEW

This is the FIRST TIME I EVER witnessed blatant disrespect all up off inside of a Shake Shack by an employee. Who knows, maybe he was having a bad day but he definitely DID NOT try to hide it!

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B H says:

Poor Reg! ☹️

kry sohard says:

sorry i gave you guys such bad service i found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with my cousins amanda

azalea ree says:


Paladin says:

Rockin’ the looooong waaaaaay

SxyDyamond says:


thrasherx2k1 says:

Was hoping for a burger review…

Joe Auger says:

That’s some funny shit! Part of me wants to take a road trip to this Shake Shack to see if I can spot your boy!

Dequan Carter says:

Reg and daym clowning lmao

kittieatl00 says:


FlashXtreme says:

Rocking the long way

B H says:


DeeNice681 says:

Shake Shack isn’t even that good!

SamPlaysGames100 says:

Rockin the long way!

GoWithTheCROWE says:

there’s a place where I live that’s called Chicago Doghouse and they have some of the best damn Chicago dogs you’d probably have. if I could go there every day I would.

GD JEFFY says:

Review The Sliders At Carls Jr Next

BortLicensePlates says:

hit my funny bone

Locutz M says:

My man regg one hunnid grand

Staci Smith says:

I can’t quit cracking up to even watch it all. I’m laughing hard as ya’ll. lol.

Vinaigrette says:

Daym let your local foodie fam come meet you!

Timothy Valentine says:

Always Rocking with you the long way 🙂 I’ll have to find a Shake Shack nearby and see what their customer service is like.

Evelyn Lewis says:

Rocking the long way! I am not a bot!

Journey Hd says:

Yo customer service had to be speechless

WAW Network says:

Why is everyone making fun of his teeth? Like just because he uses his money a different way and doesn’t buy teeth doesn’t mean you make fun of him. That’s sad that y’all are doing that

Journey Hd says:

Reg expression is saying get bot

matt trudeau says:

I’m from Chicago and that dog just looked sad.

J Cortez says:

i thought you were being shut down lmao

charlieg81 says:

Hey Daym! I’ve got a hood creation for you. get yourself some McDonalds schezuan sauce, then some plain KFC chrispy tenders. Add the schezuan sauce to the tenders. Toss them with the sauce and BOOM! you got yourself some KFC schezuan crispy tenders. Holla at yo boy!

Jeff Nelson says:

It sounds like a rap video some teeth and I thought your channel was done quickly

Mark Johnston says:

He hasn’t seen his small weener in decades,he’s the one that’s trying to give bad sex WTF he couldn’t get it up no matter what! LOL

MrRussian2023 says:

Reg looked like he was about to cry after trying that hotdog

jc jc says:

just imagine this guys toilet i hope he dies of a heart attack

thanosispower says:

Very funny story.

Luke Carrigan says:

Rockin The Long Way

81JBoogie says:

Much love to you Daym good video…wish y’all could have reviewed the chicken sandwich and the burger tho!

krissyfsu says:

LMAO! funny review!

Jeannetta Parks says:

Rocking the long way

ucity metalhead says:

King tut didn’t have a weiner that dry.

easymoneydavid says:

Rej got big

Richard Perez says:

Reggie stole the show! His freshness is greatness.

Rick Sanchez says:


michael ford says:

Rockin Tha Long Way!

David Valenzuela says:

rockin’ with you the long way. (pause)

Lil Kitchen says:

Rockin’ Tha Long Waaaaaaayyyy

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