Does Whataburger’s BOB satisfy my hunger? – Fast Food Review – Full Nelson Eats A Lot #FoodReview

Today Full Nelson goes to Whataburger for a subscriber request and reviews the BOB! (Breakfast on a Bun) 💥 BOOM!


Apple Products says:

Good video

Ginger cakes says:

I need to travel more, no Wataburger here.☹☹

lr3usmc says:

Ranchero Bob is where it’s at. Keep it on the down low though…….

PopcornManiac2 says:

mate ur bro was waiting for u, u took too long and he left 😀

C Johnston says:

Looks great I usually get the jalapeño biscuit w cheese egg and bacon the biscuits feature a hand cracked egg

A truly great deal

karen & jelly says:

I always crave this lol

lovely V says:

I love bobs! Its my go to breakfast!

longdongbongchong says:

are you a rapper or just a fake ass nigga? stop pretending you are from the hood, you sound like an idiot

Alberto Hernandez says:

I can definitely see this channel getting big soon. Nice video!

Melissa Pando says:

Your ability to really make ME hungry is uncanny. You really know how to describe the food you review and you add value by giving people tips on how to save. EXCELLENT Aaron. You are such a talented young man. Thank You.

Roland Mendoza says:

#whataburger1 BOB is delicous my fav is salsa Verde puts a nice touch however honey butter chicken biscuit is my fav ties in with BOB

lovely V says:

Get the bacon one next time and put Jalapenos!

Jonatas Lisboa Borges says:

Já chego dando like

Lance Tieger says:

I’m not an egg guy but it looked good. Cheese and sausage is a very good combination. Rock on !

Elizabeth Rickard says:

@0:54 homie’s mind was so blown that after he left he had to come back @3:42 LOL. Stream at 7 central so 9 here. I’ll just be getting off work but I’ll jump on when I get home 🙂

Christopher Page says:

I cant count the times that I went to whatabuger after the bar closed and ordered the BOB and 2 sausage egg and cheese taquitos ! that was my go -too drunk meal back in the…thanks for the review!

BatesMotelEvilRegal25 says:

This is kind of a secret menu item item that Whataburger has. It’s called ranchero on a bun. It’s like the B.O.B. they just mix jalapeños in the egg. I have never tried it, but a lot of people say that it’s good.

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