Domino’s ☆DOUBLE PEPPERONI PAN PIZZA☆ Food Review!!!

I’m checking out my FAVORITE Domino’s Pizza! A Double Pepperoni Handmade Pan Pizza!

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ᴄʜɪʟʟ ᴠɪʙᴇsそひ. says:

Big Bite!

aaronimpactnz says:

With that rain this could have been an asmr video

new saints says:

He looks like the guy from the movie step brothers

tro5k says:

Dayumm… whole slice in one bite?! Your throat is hella deep

lucas mcquillan says:

Another great review keep up the good work man love your videos

0330tube says:

yep…I wanna try it!

Uncle Chuckles says:

Detroit does the best pizza. I can’t get enough

Jeffrey Brown says:

I had to order one of these after watching your awesome video. I polished off three pieces during a second viewing. Keep up the good work!

deborah chapman says:

Same thing I order every time. Its the best!

Todd Anderson says:

I love the sound of the rain

CJ Cutter says:

Sound of rain! Big Bite!

Shawn Jackson says:

I enjoy their hand tossed large pizza with 3 toppings for only $7.99

Hayy Papi says:

I love the handmad pan a lot I eat it everyday

acerlabtop says:

That commerical was so cringy. Keep it up tho justin.

scott120 says:

Still mad at Dominos for getting rid of their cinnastix. Their pizza (especially their deep dish) is my go to almost every time.

Senor Savage says:

Philly cheesesteak pizza! thats my favorite for sure

Samuel Robredo says:

Take note Domino’s Australia. This is what pizza should look like.

Sam PDA says:

IMO, Little Caesars’ deep dish is better than Domino’s. But Little Caesars goes toe to toe with Pizza Huts.

Anyways, you fucking rock, Justin!

acerlabtop says:

“Fresh dough” dosnt come from a factory then shipped. Fresh dough is made in house every day. Dominos doesn’t have fresh dough.

Dan says:

You should try their Wisconsin 6 cheese pizza WITH pepperoni. It will change your life.

Aaron Frame says:

Thumbs up for that last bite, big bite!


Nice looking pizza you got there Justin super fire review as always

Sig Shooter says:

Justin, I really like the extra video after your outro. It’s a nice addition and funny as hell 😛

Brian Vaughn says:

Review the BK Veggie Burger and Whopper without meat

RC Surf says:

so they hand make pizzas with no gloves, im in south florida and no one is clean down here, then u flash back to their dough factory and once again two men sorting dough balls with their bare hands thats sick we dont live in a perfect world , butt wipes hand then nose

Justin Lane says:

Pan pizza is the only pizza that’s good at dominos all the other pizza is trash hate dominos….

scott inglis says:

Justin! Another great review.


Great video!

Father Dad says:

You were great in Step Brothers.

ButNot As says:

Love the shirt man! Love the rain too….

Marmelaadi Mies says:

Great vid! Fan from Finland!!

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