Domino’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza – Food Review

Today I review the Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Domino’s.


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Basically izzy says:

Your truly perfection at its finest

Alastor Rockwell says:

Is this boii serious

Smoked Cannoli says:

God I love you!!!

G Beauty says:

Woahhvicky’s brother who ??

Bo Horvat says:

You make it look like fast food is Coming from a 5 star restaurant. Thank you.

SuperStewcat says:

It also has 6 slices of American cheese on the bottom

TheBunnygirl20 says:

Sounds like it would be better if they caramelized the onions. And I would add hot chili flakes.

jay dee says:

Its amazing watching an old soul cope with a later time.

EatMyDictionary says:

Your clapped

Ella Murton says:

I don’t know how I found this or why but I believe I may have just found the most beautiful human being ever. Your videos are literally hypnotizing xx

Toronto Bud says:

“Paw back in 1942 before flying to Normandy” (rare colour footage)

Samantha Mireles says:

I want to lick his hairline.

Noah Lord says:

I thought he ran out of blue goblets

Franky Bourbon says:

Is this from the 80’s ???

Aurt bob says:

I too had pizza on the day of Fire… get out of my head!!!

Fuufs says:

The cardigan look is a good look, man. Keep it up.

Don Tomazo says:

I saw you put up the paper so you can’t see yourself on the camera

aaprobot says:

My local pizza place has the greatest buffalo slice you’ll ever have – easily my favorite pizza slice

Galaxy gamer 1 says:

Like u rememmber me of spider man and this is just something good about you

Moh Ha says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This is running on empty
Food review

Zambie Killer says:

I really like that jacket

sam asda says:

How do you stay healthy and fit while eating all of this food?

Jessica says:

I have another question after watching your waffle house video (Im commenting here because i dont know if you lok at the comments for old videos or not) Anyway, you said “and if they’re not open, ‘you’re bleeped’ as they say.”
I was wondering if you curse when you’re not filming. Just in casual every-day life do you still keep your vocabulary clean? or is it just to be acceptable for viewing of all audiences?

Forever Demi says:

acidic substance

puptented says:

please review Captain D’s butterfly shrimp and hush puppies

Khalid Al-Nuaimy says:

You are the best

gdizzyjr91 says:

5:40 dat crust throwdown

Nicholas Miguel says:

up vote me please

000okoo says:

does anyone else watch these right before sleeping? his narration is so relaxing

Tyler Rainey says:

Mind reviewing some of the 7-11 hot food and other convenience store hot food? Would be a decent new series imo.

Noe Aguilera says:

Please do a Whataburger food review!

Nicholas Miguel says:

I want to play your game

klayfie says:


Panda Beast says:

Shut up spoon bender, no one cares what u have to say u clapped cunt. 500.000 people only subscribed because ur a meme u, oh and sik hair cut u sheep shagger

Jacob_ M_G says:

She is a beauty.

MWYANT19 says:

ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed a miracle

James Murray says:

Just because this food reviewer is a retarded sloth doesn’t mean you should dislike the video

Popping In says:

He reminds me of tobey maguire’s Spider-Man.

kyo . toke says:

I love how you will literally not find a single hate comment on Reviewbrah’s vids.

Mario Luigi says:

Beans are Fart-Food

L_R_C_C Ghost says:

Screw this, I’m staying safe with my cheese pizza :^)

alm958 says:

This man has the vocabulary of the literal Webster dictionary

MuratCan Gürel says:

why you guys so much loves this man I dont understand can someone explain ???

young chillionaire says:

Draw my life

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