Domino’s Hot Wings – Food Review

On this afternoon I review the Hot Wings from Domino’s. I am wearing blue dress pants, white shirt and a blue necktie.



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Jared Collins says:

good review as always thememeoftheweek

xKarma _ says:

Every video is like staring at a art piece at a art museum.

James Ken says:

Is this lorde’s brother????

Arch-Lord says:

How is he skinny?

C0ckfuck says:

What does reviewbrah eat when he does not eat fastfood?

Captain Styles says:

Wheres Beasty??

Magic Jelly says:

You know it’s a sad house when you can hear the clock in the background…

Jordan Johnson says:

3:42 Checks to see if he got any on his white shirt.

Jack Rosenman says:

Need separate sauce review videos

cleard says:

He cleaned his fingers just to go right back into the wings afterwards, what a god

oh okay says:

i freaking love this guy

aLien Music says:

Honestly, Domino’s wings are to soggy for me, I like mine a little rough around the edges

RexakonGaming says:

Lawst in the sawce

Tannerlini says:

Could you please do a review on the Wendy’s 4 for $4 combo meal?

Omar Castaneda says:

Lost in the sauce

Soleimsen says:

I hope First We Feast gets you on Hot Ones

Cautious Seabear says:

Reviewbrah has become self aware

Zachary Eaves says:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,


Nessers says:

dude i love you

Chewee Binkss says:

For some reason watching his videos just chill me out

T I says:

Maybe domino’s wings are different in Canada, but any local pizza shop has better wings here. They’re 7.5 at best.

Christopher McCune says:

Hot wings with hot sauce? The absolute madman!

tdfitch says:

Running on empty: fooo0oo0o0d reviiieewww

RexakonGaming says:

So is he a left wing or right wing?

Rios Soda says:

Be my daddy

TheClitCommander69 says:

I love your videos! Your soothing voice helps me with my depression.

marth says:

6:20 THIS *clap IS *clap WHY *clap I *clap Watch *clap THIS

Someguyyoumightknow says:

This guy is a gift from god

PWTHEROOK 97 says:

I was really feeling the intro…..’food review’ really slid smoothly off your tongue.

roto fiery says:


Chris Musix says:

I once looked up the ingredients list for a Domino’s Pizza. I no longer order from Domino’s.

Matthew D says:

God bless you guys and your families

Mark Howard says:

“You could get a little glass or receptacle of water in your possession.”

Nyacantosh Goat says:

Not all heroes wear capes others wear suits

Joseph Lauletta says:

The Mr. Rogers of food reviews.

HDD 2026 says:

Holy shit you’re almost at 400,000 subscribers already

Kyle Beaston says:

There is a clock ticking in the background

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