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Outro song: “Pongathon” by Matt Buckley


Sooubway bts Trash says:

Wat platform do they stream on

Nathan Palmer says:

Do you guys have Krispy Kreme? They’re the best!!!

pjmmygxx says:

Hello , Matty, Lissy. Are you gonna play the Life Is Strange 2 Teaser ?

krodri25 says:

2:24 I thought that Stardew stream never happened though?


Timothy Watson says:


Vandal0111 says:

Last time I went to Dunkin Donuts (in Teaneck NJ) it was a kosher only location which is strange enough but they were also experimenting with becoming a vegan only location. It was a memorable day, that’s for sure.

Christopher J. Abbott says:

Aaaa babyotter’s camera stare looks just like Matty’s fed-up face! Lol such an awesome kid from such awesome parents.

Mario C says:

These fast food reviews are the best. Keep up the good work guys!! I look forward to everything you guys do on this channel.

SonOfAKing says:

Having Bowling Totter with you is so wonderful! 😀 Also been awhile since I’ve seen you guys do a food review!

FuzzyCat444 says:


wishmaster says:

I wonder if baby otter will pick up Lissy’s Jersey accent or Matt’s (Philadelphia?) accent. Do people from Philly have an accent? Lol

Z2Pooky4you O says:

Nice video.

HarbTheSketcher says:

I missed these so much! ❤️

sebastian bailey says:


tskwerl says:

I missed these! I love Lissie’s shades! And BabyOtter is getting big! When do we call him ToddlerOtter? 😀

piplupmaster 1134 says:

Baby otter loves to be a lil wolfy boi don’t he!

ElfsGamer says:

Wooohoo! You’re doing more food reviews!

Kaan Arslan says:

Verdict: 5/10 – At least they had them

crapfromthestreet says:

Love these. Someday I hope you guys film a Mukbang.

DrThemo says:

I mean, at that rate, you might as well go to Burger King and get their french toast sticks.

crystxlgems says:

y’all uploading two videos at once has mE CONFLICTEd on which one I should watch first

IceColorKierson says:

I think you missed the obvious verdict here.


Leonardo Castro says:

Babyotter says 1/10?
I’ll take his word for it

Just John says:

6:45 Two Stupid Dogs reference? That one guy who kept saying, “Heh that’s cute… but it’s WRONG!!”

Lilah Baranowski says:

It’s my b day

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