DUNKIN’ DONUTS vs. KRISPY KREME – Fast Food Doughnuts Taste Test!

DUNKIN’ DONUTS vs. KRISPY KREME – Fast Food Doughnuts Taste Test!
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omg i finally did it y’all! i finally found out which has the best donuts! i love krispy kream AND dunkin’ donuts, but i had to pick a winner! this really was a challenge to do because i have never eaten so many donuts in my life lol but it was such a fun #food video! thank you guys for watching my review! let me know what other restaurants y’all wanna see on this series!


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Andrik Fernandez says:

Favorite donut is strawberry donut

Susanne Tanja Doorson says:

my fave donut is fosho glazed yaaahhssss

TwixBackup says:

Can you get the whole menu of Olive garden

pandy candy says:

My favorite kind of doughnut is blueberry glazed YASSSSSSS

Reina Arana says:

I love krispie creme and dunkin doughnuts

Heather Grider says:

My fav kind of donut is chocolate witb sprinkles yasssss

Amelia Corkish says:

My favourite donut is …. DICKKK

Reina Arana says:

I wish Timmy could get his songs on Spotify
I love them

Madison London says:

The sour cream donut is just an ingredient. It gives it a different texture

Remy Mafia says:

The ending broke my little Krispy Kreme fangirl heart. 🙁

Destanee Burgess says:

can one of y’all count how many times he said “doughnut”

Robyn Cunningham says:

My favorite donut is the cake batter from Krispy Kreme Yassss

AannW Rootbeer says:

We have Harley’s Bakery that beats Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts.

Ashlynn Flory says:

My favorite kind of donut is the famous apple fritter YASSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Life with Natasha says:

I love alll donuts lol !!

Allison Mills says:

My favorite donut is the apple fritter donut from Dunkin yassss

Brandy C says:

My favorite donut is Krispy Kreme glazed cream filled.. Yaaasss

Quincy And Jamesha Channel says:

Krispy Cream is wayyyyyy better

Trina Dennewitz says:

Krispy Kreme all day every day!

Kathy Cazenave says:

You’re insane, liking those stale a ss dunking donuts

KnottyGirl12 says:

The first glazed one is a CRONUT, the second glazed is a regular glazed.

CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE says:

I laughed so hard my eyes watered!

wow_ Jazmin says:

My favorite donut issssssss GLAZED YASSSSSSSSSS

Melody's Vanities says:

My favorite kind of donut is raspberry filled yaassss

Madison London says:

I just had the Boston cream donut from Krispy kream and idk what he is talking about, that donut is so good don’t listen to him

Sophia Marie says:

I swear Timmy you are the funniest there is out the you make my days with your videos YASSS QUEEN ilysm!!

Landon Mersmann says:

My favorite donut is Boston cream yes.

Velocity The running Sloth aka Sloth Mom says:

My favorite kind of doughnut is Krispy Kreme fresh off the line dipped in chocolate it’s Heaven

Momo L. says:

My favorite kind of donut iiiiissss….apple fritter! Yaassss!!!!

Twisted Razor says:

Today is special to me because it’s been 5 years since I started watching Timmy.

roxcyn says:

Uh oh! You got their classic cream filled instead of the Boston cream one.

Ashley Martinez says:

My favorite kind of donut isssss…..
Boston cream zaddy YAS

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