ENTIRE McDonald’s BREAKFAST MENU – American Fast Food Review | Orlando, Florida

In January of 2019, my dad and I had a blast taking a road trip up to Orlando in partnership with Greyhound! We spent two incredible days getting a taste of what Orlando is really about by checking out the best restaurants and breweries in the city and visiting attractions that most tourists skip. We had a blast!

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Our morning started with a ride to a local McDonalds, where I spent over $50 for us to eat our way through the entire breakfast menu! It was a lot more extensive than I thought it was. Check out our reviews of every menu item!

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We started with the egg white delight breakfast sandwich, which came with nice, fluffy egg whites, ham, and cheese. It was okay, but wasn’t my favorite.

Next was the sausage and egg McGriddles with American cheese. I loved the combination of the sausage, egg, and cheese. It was delicious!

Up next, we had the sausage and cheese biscuit, followed by the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, which looked incredible. The biscuit was nice and fluffy and the sandwich itself was amazing.

The sausage and egg biscuit was next. It was kind of bland. I preferred the previous biscuit more.

Next up was the hotcakes with eggs, sausage, maple syrup, and a biscuit. I like to get some of the hotcakes with the eggs, sausage, and syrup. The hotcakes were so fluffy and they go so well with everything else. They’re also really filling!

Our next item was the steak, egg, and cheese bagel, which I passed on and gave to another customer. We moved on to the classic Egg McMuffin with ham and cheese. We both loved it, but by that point I was starting to get full!

Next was the egg biscuit with cheese, which had a fluffy but dry biscuit, but the sandwich overall was great. We followed that with the sausage and egg burrito, which I didn’t personally care for, and then moved on to the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, which was decent, but I think it needed some maple syrup to make it better.

The bacon, egg, and cheese bagel was up next. I also wasn’t crazy about that one, but then we went for the hash browns, which are always great no matter where you get them in the world. They’re always crispy, flavorful, and really well done overall.

I gave away our egg biscuit to a customer and we moved on to our last item, the bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddles. The hotcake bread was great, but I didn’t like the bacon in it.

To finish up, I went back to my personal favorite, the hotcakes! Because we only took a bite or two out of everything, we gave the rest of our breakfast away to some hungry customers so it wouldn’t go to waste.

Overall, the menu is hit-or-miss. There are some great items and some not-so-great ones, but I also think the menu itself is too large and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options if you don’t know what you’re looking for. My recommendation: go with the hotcakes with egg, sausage, and a biscuit, which never disappoint! The coffee is also nice and strong and the hash browns and Egg McMuffin are really great choices as well.

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McDonald’s: https://www.mcdonalds.com

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Anandhu Davan says:

Dude you visit india why vist kerala amasing food culture and tody shop etc

King Khay says:

Always loving your good work David, I’m watching from +254 Kenya
food is bae

Arnab Dutta Chowdhury says:

When will fast food be more nutritious than these carbage and frozen meat!

BrowniExpress says:

Anyone know the intro song?

woahits kaila says:

Okay. The ones where you kept saying it was a biscuit it wasn’t. There was some McMuffins and biscuits.

Pradeep Rajkumar says:

Same Like AUSSIE .. BACON and Refined BREAD…

Indian Macca is the best…

Tom Jerry says:

Son and dad looking very cool.nice vlog

Bibek Das says:

love you bro

Prajyot Patil says:

Only indian video will give u view.



Michael raj says:

How many of you like this channel??

Ajit Jalady says:

Mc Donalds in US is very bland for us Indians. I had a hard time finding something spicy in US Mc Donalds in NY.

Davidsbeenhere says:

Thank you all for watching this video! If you’re new to my channel please SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/DBH-SUB for new travel content every week! Also follow me on Instagram to get live updates: instagram.com/davidsbeenhere

Ben E. Ballesteros says:

hehe awesome! when they chew- I chew….lmao- xoxo- el gordo, sw florida

TravelerPat says:

Sausage egg and cheese McGriddle is the best breakfast item at McDonald’s for me, along with hash browns. The biscuit and English muffin at McDonald’s in the US are too dry. (In Japan the English muffin is very good.) Pancakes are like the supermarket frozen kind. (Oops sorry–just watched the part where you said they were good. Good for fast food pancakes but definitely not comparable to those made fresh at diners specializing in breakfast like the Original Pancake House for example. But yeah the total including eggs and meat and coffee can run you $12-15 at least.)

khando says:



Nice Video David

Iήsͥⱥnͣeͫ š†εphïη says:

Who knew David was bald??

Lisa Anderson says:

I am a huge fan of the McD’s breakfast! I love the bacon egg & cheese biscuit and the bacon egg & cheese mcgriddle. We get the sausage muffins most often though, because they are a dollar and a great bargain for breakfast on the go. Do you guys have the bakery muffins? Those are amazing too! Banana chocolate, cranberry orange, carrot cake, blueberry! Yum.

Asc says:

Your dad is really cool……

Raju Kumaran says:

Did you get your free McDees angiogram/angiography gift certificate for afters?

Stephanie Whitaker says:

Your Dads eyes don’t lie lol

ashwani chauhan says:

As far as food is concerned which country food you find the most spicest.

Armando Rodz says:


Dark Necrofear says:

Finally some healthy food. Gotta love all that ghetto background noise.

Zahid Khan says:

Come in Pakistan

khando says:

You should definitely revisit other countries. ❤️

Taste N Smile says:


mandeep singh says:

I have just one word for ur videos it make me hungry every time I try to sleep hahahahaha keep up the gud work bro

padma ananthu says:

Dude for me your the best youtuber

Entertainment Worldz says:

dear Friend love it. Really enjoyed. Thumbs up.

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