Famous Fast Food Review : Pizza Hut – Personal Pan – BBQ Brisket & Pepperoni

Today we review and talk about Pizza Hut’s Personal Pan pizza.
Pepperoni and BBQ Brisket toppings.
In Episode 2 of Classics 101

Pizza taste testing and taking a stroll down nostalgia lane.
“The Classics 101” is a new series in which we try some of the most famous chains staple items, The ones that put them on the map.
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catsarereallycool says:

Your videos are just excellent.  Thanks for sharing!

Sean Rossick says:

I actually don’t think that I’ve ever had a personal pan pizza there. I’m a fatass so I always just get a medium for myself haha. Honestly though, I haven’t had Pizza Hut in a long time. Dammit, now I want one.

bird of the abyss says:

your consort is like Hila and you’re like Ethan from H3H3. like maybe she’s not quite enjoying it.

MrSmokinGanja says:

I always grab one when I’m at Target. I wonder if they have the BBQ one now…

skylarksunrise says:

I remember getting the personal pan pizza most often in connection with the Book It! Program. I’ll have to check the website for the BBQ Brisket, sounds great.

TrickyLover says:

Awesome episode, it’s always good to see someone get nostalgia from amazing food

Mark Klem says:

Hand toast! Sounds delicious!

ZachAttack84 says:

Pizza Hut is weird, I can order the exact same pizza 3 times in a row and one of the times it will be really good and the other 2 it will be gross, usually because they put too much sauce on it and not enough cheese

Food Central TV says:

i could drink their sauce by the gallon

Fightforyourlife Andrew says:

classic reviews are class act. Whats weird is I dig personal pan pizza’s but the reg sizes I am not into at all, of course it could just be my local place sucks and the pizza hut express in target just makes it better lol but more likely I am insane.

B D says:

Loved hearing the part about him having it when he was a kid. I bet we all have a food memory like this 😀

This looks so good I feel like I should order this tomorrow lol

Great vid guys

Makeitso Falonaburgerman says:

Great video.  Pro tip….Don’t get these at a Taco Bell / Pizza Hut combo joint.  DRY AF.  We gave them three chances.  They struck out.  Bread Sticks as well.  Do yourself a favor and get Pizza Hut stuff at a stand alone Pizza Hut.  You picking up what I’m putting down?

amy koehler says:

Arby’s sliders

Matt Covington says:

What’s up guys, great job on this! Guy would definitely say ZA and I think he would add it was out of bounds with a fist bump (don’t touch his sweat band)! #TurnCoats4What

Mr. Rodgers says:

I ordered the pizza with what they called seasoned pork & that was not the brisket that you had. They didn’t have anything else like the brisket. Disappointed in my pizza Hut.

Critical Eats Japan says:

I was never really into the idea of a small pizza because I didn’t really care for the higher crust ratio.  But for your nostalgia value this has got to be off the chart. Somehow I remember going to pizza hut like 20+ years ago and they had this all-you-can-eat deal going on where they just brought out slice after slice until you exploded…  Do you know what I’m talking about?

Old Nerd Reviews says:

Love Pizza Hut! Nice bit of trivia there, Nick. I would have thought that Shakey’s or Pietro’s would have been the oldest chain. You learn something new every day!

cocacola31173 says:

I worked at Pizza Hut for years and whenever I made me a BBQ pizza I always used BBQ sauce instead of the pizza sauce. LOTS better! But Pizza Hut pan pizza did suffer when they went to frozen where before we made it fresh everyday.

Mr. Rodgers says:

That bbq pizza looked good. Going to see if my local pizza hut can make me a bbq personal pan pizza this weekend. Thanks!

kitty friend says:

you could review the ‘moons over my hammy’ from dennys , or like hahaha… the ‘original chicken sandwich’ from bk, ya know on the long bun, … people would just be like… why the fuck are they reviewing that hah

Alexis Baltazar says:

Who the fuck eats a pizza a personal pan pizza with a fucking fork this bitch is crazy

goodi2shooz says:

BBQ brisket? I’ve never seen BBQ brisket as a topping from Pizza Hut! man, you guys have cool stuff

ZombieZifiction says:

how do you order the brisket one?

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