Fast Food Resturant RIPOFF – Potbelly Sandwich Shop REVIEW SUCKS! “EXTREME FAIL”

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Takes it to the LIMIT when they tell My Friend Pete he’s a Litterbug! It’s a Millennial Nightmare that Explodes like a BOMB! or 972-420-1293


eldo9901 says:

Yea the marketing dept. will get right on this, sure thing

david w says:

The guy on the phone was a dope too. The only time they care is if the complaint goes on social media. I bet he will hear about this now and wish he changed his tune.

Dallas Burkhart says:

Do managers get pms pete? Sure sounds like it.

Jon A says:

These kiddies hate the country luv foreigners an worship people like Barack Hussein Obongo an Killary

Bravo says:

That paper is literally going to disintegrate anyway so it doesn’t matter if you throw it on the ground other then it might make the place look dirty but who the fuck really cares about a piece of paper.

Scooter Rat says:

We have a couple Potbelly Sandwich shops here in  Ohio. Fuck Potbelly I’ll never go there.

ZIGgassedUP says:

It’ll be a franchise store Pete..The dude on the phone is just a corporate yes man like all complaints departments dudes are…”Sorry sir..I understand sir…We’ll look into it sir…It’s like pissing into the wind mate…You just end up wetting yourself..

Plano Pat's Chop Shop says:

I am with you Pete

Mark Holbrook says:

At least you didn’t go apeshit and climb through the drivethrough window and made the little prick beg for his life, and offer you a blowjob to let him live to see another sunset.


tipickle…lol…..pete man…wtf (typical) funny shit….

boo boo says:

Sam will be voting for Santa Claus in 2020 to get a $15hr/min and other “free” stuff with the rest of the leftist Millennials. He will always be a “victim” in this world and think he is “entitled” to other people’s hard earned money. There is a sickness in this country.

ae86 - sr5 to gts conversion says:

Triggered much?

bob dudeface says:

There needs to be another 10 year depression to weed out the losers.

TxStang Craig Voisin says:

Firehouse Subs !!!!!

Scott Talken says:

I agree with ya Pete. Stay safe

Cwshty-Griff says:

Guy on the phone seemed okay Pete. I can understand why you are pissed,but fair play to the phone guy,he seemed to wanna help Regards as always . The piece of paper is a F$$king joke. These idiots have had it to easy bud 🙁

SprayWayCustoms says:

Potbelly have pissed My Friend Pete off this time !!!!

Thirdgen83 says:


6265 MOPAR says:

The guy on the phone seemed like a dick too they don’t give a shit in the corporate office how their costumes are treated

mcinkyt says:

Consider this – are these Millennial Males running around MEN, or are they a bunch of Care Bears in Man Buns?

blkctthwt says:

You might use this occasion to suspend all dining out for a while. You know you should probably start having lighter lunches anyway. I’m certain you have a frig. at the house and the shop. Include celery, carrots, walnuts, etc. You’ll save money and you’ll look better. Gather together about 30 lbs. of weight and force yourself to carry it everywhere you go. You see where I’m going here. Start by establishing goals.

JR3059 says:

Add this to why restaurants are installing self ordering keosks. The less customers have to interact with sob’s like that the better.

well weak says:

check out: U 2 B Z O N E . C O M – Get more attention that you deserve 🙂

y2kxj says:

I get exactly what you are saying, not about money or getting the Guy fired. Just want the guy told how to act and treat customers.

Richard William says:

Too bad you didn’t get this on video but then you would be in trouble for videotaping the ass hat

Nicolas Stanco says:

The problem today Pete is this guy should have been fired on the spot. The corporate guy sounded like he will do NOTHING. It sort of takes me back to the generation this SAM was raised in where everyone got a trophy for participating. Yeah he sounds like a coddled liberal weenie who will keep his job, and feel like he was in the right to dress you down. While venting on here is cathartic, this POS will keep his job and probably get a raise. One thing I am glad about, you got your money back. That is about the best you could have done, without reaching in through the window, and dragging his fat ass through it, to show him the results of his actions.

russel finch says:

Are you still having pancakes and syrup Pete?

realtaur says:

That’s why I eat at the Y all the time!

chris edwards says:


Shane Rowland says:

Sam probably sits to piss

Ghostguy Mark says:

I would have had corporate check back with me, but this is the service you get for $7 an hour. You may want to wait the week and a half until he quits or gets fired to go back, unless there is a better deal elsewhere. Modern day indifference.

Mr Guy says:

Maybe you should stop calling these lowlife fucks and throat punch the Cunts …. just a thought for ya @swrncpete

Lyle I says:

Give’m Hell Pete…………………



chucky chuck says:

LMAO!! I mean come on now, he could be an orthodox or just a plain old-fashioned thinker.

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