FAST FOOD REVIEW #7: KFC Double Down Sandwich!

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Marcus Leshock reviews the latest creation from Kentucky Fried Chicken, their Double Down Sandwich! Don’t forget to follow Marcus on Twitter at and to friend him on Facebook at


wendalboy says:

that is rank

Justifyer says:

i think cheezy wedges is the greatest of all..

kais679 says:

This looks to nasty

stink pill says:

He went to the ghetto to get it, and off to a nice and safe whiter place to dine. 🙂 🙂

any1ღ says:

Fuck im racist my bad.

Starlord says:

Diabetus here we come 

DeathByBlunderbuss says:

These are much better when you eat them right away after ordering.

omnipwn says:

Fucking nasty.

Ashton Stephens says:

Why do you do your reviews in a cafeteria

k9feces says:

Last time I was at KFC double down wasn’t on menu but you could still order it

Vyzer Deathoniak says:

It does sound weird replacing bread with chicken but its all in creativity, they tried to make something new people not like it it will not sell much, people start to like it they will sell more, even if we all know that this is fast heavy calorie food, its in human nature, u want try it, u cant stop eating it once u start eating it if it taste good. But anything in excess is harmful, so id advise if u do want to eat stuff like that do it once in a while, and do exercise to maintain good health.

ThroatySteak says:

the double down is fucking delicious. it’s fast food, you should know what to expect. and this asshole clearly dropped the sandwich on purpose. the crispy chicken does not take away from the flavor. you can easily taste the cheese, but it is really crappy bacon. i recommend just going with the boneless fillet, it’s just a juicy, boneless hunk of fried chick. it’s almost as good as the double down IMO

Alex Davis says:

I personally love it.

PrUnEJuIcEtHeThIrD says:

Do you eat your food at a retirement home or something?

Kluuz says:

“I can’t even hold it.”

USE THE PAPER!! THAT’S WHAT IT’S USED FOR!! People are just plain stupid.

Celestia1992 says:

I loved the look on his face when he tried the fried sandwich 😛

Kluuz says:

As unhealthy and insane it is…it’s still KFC’s greatest sandwich/idea ever. And I’m talking about the crispy one, the grilled one isn’t that great.

UF_Alum2011 says:

Dude whatever… those things are beast!

John .Dough says:

i cried when i got this stupid thing,i expected a burger for MEN,i got two pieces of chicken glued togetther with cheese 🙁

Ben Bailey says:


Dinomaster451 says:

That’s for fat people, more like heart attack in a sandwich. If I ate that it would take away 1 week of progress I made at the gym.

Logan Hatch says:


うんちvapourswag420うんち says:

That’s my ambulance.. haha

PureIrish77 says:

Why pull the thing apart? It’s a food review, NOT a presentation review.

jamasianman says:

One should just bring a bun and it will balance out the salt

Isaiah says:

Holy shit, was that Joe Beretta in a KFC commercial? Aka the SourceFed guy, who works for Sxephil?

CynicalGenius says:

Fast food has run out of ideas when meat is the new bread.

FCastillo000 says:

you went to the wrong kfc, guy.
i’ve probably ordered it 4 times and every time i was satisfied and it looked a lot better than the ones you showed in the video.

wesleykoh11 says:

Oh yes… And the presentation is much neater

JBLAKIE1 says:

this faggot can’t properly review anything good

Noah Corpus says:

Those are the greatest most unnecessary addictive treats and if bacon fried chicken and cheese isn’t good enough to cause a double whammy of stroke/heart attack, the kicker is the special sauce, or God’s money shot of goodness, long story short, if you’re going to shoot craps with you’re health then the DD is one of the best of the worse.

ReliveTheDream says:

its fucking food, people are retarded.

Jose Antonio says:

I don’t have any trouble whit this yet ramen makes my poop all liquid

jackfrost96 says:

the doublicious is the shit

Mrlorden- Gaming videos says:

OMG i wish we had KFC in sweden…

Sivert Moe says:

Haha, that’s my ambulance. This guy is awesome.

Trains Through A Phone says:

never had it, don’t live in America but if I could I’d have it once and only once just to not have to imagine what the damn thing tastes like anymore

xPandaBearRawrx says:

If you think that thing is good to be used as a salt lick for a horse, you haven’t tasted Romanian cheese.

Reuben Sutherland says:

Isn’t eating a double down just like eating two pieces of KFC fried chicken? When I order a bucket of chicken, I eat way more than two pieces of chicken.

Brain Scoop says:

0:47 holy sh*t I thought that woman was inside a tv screen. Turns out I got deceived by windows’ reflections of the sky.

steve steve says:

do you put things in your butt?

The Specialist says:

double down sandwich=double the chance of getting a heart attack!

ThroatySteak says:

I’m not denying that it’s a greasy motherfucker, but this guy just wanted to hate it from the beginning. I haven’t watched his other videos, so I don’t know what he’s into. You really can’t judge the “presentation” of a fried chicken, bacon, and cheese sandwich from KFC anyways. They get paid minimum wage to make peoples’ food

Justin Pineda P&V says:

RIP Double Down.

That Guy says:

is that joe bereta at 0:08?

wesleykoh11 says:

In Singapore…. It uses the non spicy “zinger” chicken instead…and I bet it is nicer

LaLunaa says:

yay chicago!!!

PureIrish77 says:


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