FAST FOOD REVIEW #8: Burger King’s California Whopper!

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Back by (un)popular demand, Marcus Leshock to review Burger King’s new California Whopper.

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SEAN says:

your hair is very 90s

Randy Domas says:

That took a while, nice though.

aquenita27 says:

As fast food goes, the Carl’s Jr guacamole burger is much better.

LobsterBabby says:

finally… this is the reason I sub’d over a year ago!

chiponbloc says:


fearfactz1 says:


Carolyn Brady says:


vichetisicky says:

Woah, when was the last time you did a fast food review xD

jickyli_fitness says:

do more of these please!

mathicaspi says:

as with any fast food, rotate to the most attractive angle

Flipflops & Eggplants says:


greenflag88 says:

wohoo, I’ve been waiting for so long. I want more.

Christopher J. B. Calderón says:

try replying properly

I am Hear says:

this guy looks like jake gylihol??? lmfao ignore spelling that just terrible

Bourne evoL says:

lol he kind of does actually

Tavis Laffan says:

go to Canada and try the Great Canadian burger at Harvey`s oh wait you Americans dk Harvey`s

Palindrome Musings says:

What cafeteria are you guys in??? Did you break a window to get in there?

Anyway, thanks for the review- I kinda had the asame reaction when I tried the BK Cali Whopper…..

Robert Getty says:


russellluke says:

why do west coast chains put guac on everything?

oilman210 says:

I’m American and I’ve been to Harvey’s like 4 times in my life. But I have family in Canada so thats why.. Harveys is the bomb.

CarsonFacePalmer says:

@Tavis Laffan Try a real military and not relying on other to do their dirty work… Oh thats right, you canadians dk about that. We keep you safe from harm, you dont try to talk down to us… -.- lmfao

nvm0 says:

Finally something new

thefallgamer248 says:


passiveMenis says:

good shit

SaveOurSeouls says:

Thank you! 🙂

vidmasterx7 says:

i honestly hate the whole healthier thing to the menu im pissed i grew up with burger king fiers being brutal and taste great no theyre all thick and weird ant just not as good


doesnt even compare to in-n-out burger and ive had both, oh wait us americans dk harvey’s

Darian Velez says:


ghettomelody says:

California dreams…

Rich Rise says:

I like your reviews!

PureIrish77 says:

Why open the burger and ruined it. It is meant to be eaten as is, otherwise they would serve it as an open face burger.

KingPharroh says:

Guacamole is just a marketing scheme. Great review!


Its a fast dood place not a 5 star fucking restraunt

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