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Hang Huynh says:

I just recently had cancer, so rite now my food craving doesn’t work as much anymore :(( ever since I had cancer and chemo therapy, my taste buds is very metallic, I keep throwing up on foods, coz of strong chemo :((

Josephine Victoria Viuf Pedersen says:

I’m not saying this to rude qt but put some aloe vera on your hands every night and maybe it would help with your cracks – and nice video!

Darcy says:

You should also try Hero Burger, on the pricey side but so good

holly carter says:

Dang! Did he just knock out that burrito in three bites?!

maria hernandez says:

Wendy’s got a pretty gd burger.. i used to work there when i was 18 lol I was nice on the grill lol thts all I would eat from there

Emilio Valdez says:

You should make homemade in n out

KING 3azy says:

Have you ate at dairy queen??

Ritchelle Stevens says:

I Love you QT,and I love kitty she so cuteyX Thank you fr ur videos I live in New Zealand our national dish is A Hangi much luv Ritchelle X

Ashley Marie says:

I wish I could eat this much and still function.

Victoria Roth says:

Quang, can you take us on a trip for a change? Do you take trip some time, even a short trip? It would be nice if you videos VN but if that’s too much to ask how about just short trip to see you travel and eat….please…pretty please.

Liquid Life says:

Taco bell was the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars now all restaurants are taco bell

yyyy2999 says:

That’s the best, spending less for more lol.

Luke Evans says:

You’re so fucking annoying and you’re oblivious about it. Watch your videos before you publish this shitty content and shitty manners

Podigy Orb says:

that taco bell beef burrito looks like a used diaper bro..noice!

Dandoun - says:

After inspecting the hair on the churro it appears to be a black color, fine texture, and approx 3.5 inches in length. It is your hair. No harm done bro.

Steven Ho says:

when he opened the burrito it looked like shit in a diaper

Anass Azaqtani says:

do moroccan food from moroccan friend

Darcy says:

Hey Quang, how often do you wash your car lol a lot of crumbs must collect up at the bottom haha

Oli Rahman says:

Dude you need to change it up a little by that I mean first bite followed by the “nice” lol it’s getting predictable and annoying but I still like your videos and cooking

Javier R-V says:

tiene el meo osico el cabrón es adictivo tu puto canal akajajjsjajsk

Peter Nguyen says:

Eat at canes

Klaudia Ollek says:

Man yo u are a fucking Pig 3 sec and no ha be hamburguer

Gwen Parody says:

You are rich you even have your own car but you eat like poor and homeless person

pete pete says:

Have u ever had Five Guys???

Don Davarci says:

Hey bro, i just had a crazy meal but goddamn you made me hungry again. Watching from london, if you reply it would make my week!! Holla at yo damn boy.

yezzy 360 says:

why the fuck does he smack so hard

itz platinu_m says:

Your poor butthole has to have all Mexican food which can put diarrhoea

ralp obligar says:

try jollibee quang

Isaiah Video says:

Deep fried chicken and spicy noodle

Tonya Pedraza says:

It is so delicious!

RunFromHellHound says:

Ey, I just discovered ya, and you’re pretty frickin great!

Kevin Echiverri says:

u should get jack in the box churros

Spoderman • says:

here in germany where i live theres only mcdonalds, and burger king and a lot of kebap houses xD

Jennifer Hwang says:

Need to do a Burger King Whopper Review

Zia Flyer says:

Do more of these!

Jamien Watson says:

The next berger joint is berger king is tease of bk

Jamien Watson says:

You sould make a video on hot pockets and see how they are made or just see how good it is

not in use byebye says:

quang are u allergic to anything I am I’m allergic to nuts ;-;

Takashi Brian Uyeno says:

you should try wendys baconator

امجاد مبارك says:

Close your mouth please don’t do that again

Alyssa Arcamo says:

why do you have to react like a horse the way you smiled so annoying.

Brandon Baksh says:

HI Quang! Great video 🙂 Can you do a Gulab Jamuun eating challenge?! It is an indian sweet and it is very tasty!

Marlou Guevara says:

try jollibee

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