The FATBURGER® ☆XXXXXL 5X MEGA CHEESEBURGER☆! My LARGEST Burger EVER! 5 HUGE BURGER PATTIES, 10 layers of CHEESE and ALL TOPPINGS! With over 3 POUNDS of BEEF and 2 POUNDS of bread, cheese and toppings, this is only reserved for the BIGGEST BITES! Hunger discretion is advised.

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Crackling Crawfish says:

Sup Brent! This video was awesome!

Chad Lowery says:

I bet most things go easily down your throat.

Natasha Jones says:


john adams says:

You gotta make some merch bro!!

Vlog King says:

Don’t put your balls on his drumset

zakelwe says:

When your right nostril tries to take a big bite you know that is a big burger……..

Michael K says:

Biggest bite

J Rob says:

that’s two days worth of food for me

San Diego guy619 619 says:

Great video. That burger looks awesome! I love Fat Burgers. I have one here in San Diego. I get full on the single combo with bacon. However, this place is expensive. Thanks for the video.

JayZ chanz says:

Hey Justin new sub here. Some more chilli challenges would be great 🙂

scott inglis says:

Wow! That thing is a beast. Incredible. BIG BITE!

Eric Weirath says:

that first big bite qualifies for legendary status of your videos

gilbert hardy says:

hey great video

Edvins Rubins says:

This burger is a killer burger, holy cow

Amos Presley says:

Loving them massive big bites that you’re having……

Ben Smith says:

This the mf from step brothers

Propane Farmers tan says:

2:49 How I look eating ass

WingJ says:

How much sat. fat that bad boy have in it?? Jeeezuz …def. has to be the biggest fast food burger ever ..that and the trex

Anthony Trent says:

I was going to comment you’ll have to go to the gym!! Then you post the treadmill, that’s all you need!

snydesy says:

You finish it all in that sitting??
You have passed the rest of the players in this food review game!!
Did I miss the collaboration with #6WC guys?

Gavin Douglas says:

My dog passed away today but this makes a little better thanks

big herb says:

that burger big af lol

Joey's #1 Muchacho says:

“Words cannot describe how easily that went down my throat.” That’s what Bob said to me last night.

Antonio Westbrooks says:

One hell of a burger

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