Five Guys Burgers and Fries Review

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If you have NOT been to Five Guys Burger and Fries for JUST THAT? Burgers and Fries, you have NOT lived baby!!!

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Dontay says:

2018 lol

g fox says:

Just got a couple burgers from Five Guys yesterday and thought of you. Hope you’re still enjoying yer hamburgers as much as you were back then!

Bruegelmonk says:

Bro, I’ve got to try this Berger my self. It looks good but it looks like a school cafeteria burger at the same time but what I’ve been hearing I think the burger is gonna beat up my taste buds!

Jamie Chung says:

New favorite channel

Lodogg 3323 says:

5 Guys is sooooo fuckin good.

YuriPrime says:

The first Five Guys in the Netherlands opened last month. This video was not exaggerared after all.

Luke S says:

“Hello sir, how can I help you today” is a really normal thing to say tbh

Simona halep fan says:

Still great

That Guy says:

Would be awesome to see a Daym commentary video on this video…

Pierre says:

This is what started everything

Jake Martin says:



Zebin Pepin says:

2024? Anyone

drawing with laila fun fun says:

TBH to me McDonald’s is disgusting.

Jesse Barajas says:



[Pelosi Cheeseburger]

Roshan Roy says:

This guy really loves his bacon…

Clara Romano says:

First video of yours I’m watching and I’m already a fan!

mvvf says:

Dayuum I’m starting to get hungry!

Majo Fernandez says:

You rule, man

Richie Montez says:

Five guys in burger with beef

Marcus Degraffenried says:

We have five guys about 20 miles from my house in the uk its cost £13 pounds for a double burger and fries and a drink about $18 us dollars

Harrison and Sophia says:

We love your videos!

The Master Tactician says:

*”damn…DAMN…D A Y U M!!!!”*

Skorg eh says:

Yeah guess where i’m gonna go to rn

Michael Brown says:

Days is awesome.better than joeys cancer car reviews

Carroll McFall says:

skimalarinkidinkydoo skeemalalinkydingyda

siamliberi says:

Now also Five Guys is available in Eindhoven, The Netherlands ( Holland ) !!!!! 😀 !!!!! Finally I can also “get myself a double cheeseburger” Legendary video !!!!!

Dwittz1 says:

wut a faggit

Olivier Crespin says:

Hilarious dude! You da Man!

Captain Kamakazi says:

Who’s Watching in 2018?

Jjosh79 says:

Is Five guys burger that tasty? Is it delicious?

Mystic Monty says:

Schmoyo anyone?

Jordan Soudelier says:

everytime i get s burger from anywhere i watch this video while eating and for some weird reason it makes me enjoy the hell outta my meal

Alan Johnny Keossayan says:

It’s 2018… and the cheese still oozin’

Rob Okray says:

Because of you I ate Five Guys Burgers for the 1st time. Thanks!


cant watch this video without music playin in background

JavanLawJH says:

dayumn DAYUMN DaYuMn

Supreme 12191 says:

Im indian and i love to see people of usa enjoy their food

Nicholas ZHZH says:

lol no vegatables

Naruto hyuga says:

Dayyum Dayyum dayyyummmm

Anthony Gomez says:

2018 anyone?

Bradley Food Reviews says:

been awhile since I had five guys and fries

Putin Vladimir says:

The legend are real

Joe Lafferty says:

They always screw up my order as well. You didn’t ask for bacon, but you got it anyways. That’s a bank error in your favor. They usually forget to put in my fresh jalapenos or mushrooms.

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