Food Stylist Reviews Fast Food Burgers

How much can you trust the ads, really?

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The only other credit was the stylist:
Anna Lee,


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Ehhha awn says:

It’s called fast food for a reason

Ki Ji Hoon says:

uh how did this require a food stylist. she just compared the burgers to images which anybody can do.

Gabryelle Lee says:

Use dandelion in a sentence:da cheetah is faster dandelion

that's all folks says:


Angelina Angelina says:

i love her accent lol

NerdAtTheDisco says:

There rapped up they get pressed and look more unappealing .

Andrew Rattle says:

wow that in-n-out burger looks better for me when i go in person irl.

Sydney Tonkin says:

Burger King tip: whoppers don’t come with cheese. You have to ask for it. And it’s like 60 cents extra.

And as far as “stepping up your game” goes, it is fast food, and we are on a timer. We don’t have time to make the sandwiches look beautiful, we just have time to make it taste good.

Jay Li says:

“All those cracks”

OPBagels says:

A double double in a the states is a double cheese burger, meanwhile in Canada, a double double is a nice cup of coffee. #USAisfat

JaccoFF says:

Just shut up and eat it. – Anna 2015 AND also calling out the burger makers xD.

yinyang beats says:

at least the burgers taste better than the ones in the picture. picture ones look like plastic and fakeness. a real burgers gotta have the dripping messy cheese and the half deflated buns. thats how you know its good

FondroxPlayz says:

there’s a new open fast food burgers that stacked up real nice but expensive as fuk, but it’s worth it, its fuking delicious!! XP

Kyle Huo says:

don’t fucking care how in n out burgers look, they’re DELICIOUS

Vyshnavi Dhanyasi says:

who else thinks that her accent is just like the character Helga in lizza koshy’s channel?

JosA UR FAM says:

Fish o filets usual looks like the picture

rls725 says:

Food stylist? Only in America

Just here to comment says:

Me: Screw being a lawyer! Mom, I’m going to be a food stylist!

Mom: …what?

Denver Loves You says:

so she’s not eating it? your just wasting your time, EAT IT

Nirvan Gurung says:

I was once at a studio where there was a photo taking session for this one ice cream shop and they used coloured mashed potatoes to resemble the ice cream, FYI, it looked way better that normal ice cream

Charlie Peterson says:

Since when did the chicken sandwich become a burger?

Qiqi Theh says:

All the burgers are beautiful because it’s half baked or cooked

RustyPlayz says:

Sure call it ”FOOD STYLING”

TheOtakuTheKawaii TheAsianTheAnime says:

1:40 Iceberg lettuce looks like smit XD

Jamesy boye says:

i work at maccas let me tell you that in a rush we seriously dont have time to make a burger look gorgeous

Jami Christine says:

If it looks good enough to eat, I’ll take it. I don’t really care how it’s arranged tbh. I just wanna know if it’ll taste good. I’m a picky eater, but it’s not THAT hard to feed me.

Emilia Susnjar says:

at 1:11 did she say you just see butts???

waleed A says:

the most miserable job ever to play with food but dont get to eat it

Anna Lysloff says:

Hi ANNA, I’m ANNA! Nice to meet you, ANNA!

Deleted Account says:

lol “Just shut up and eat it”

Tim Kozma says:

used to work at arbys that pic is of the 9 Oz not the 3

corxter says:

“Shut up and eat it.” the best thing I’ve ever heard.

Rowan Fuss says:

did anyone else notice the apple sighn on the laptop was covered up with duct-tape?
just sayin’

Linh Nguyen says:

That Big Mac makes my mouth water

K. L. Goodrich says:

the ones in ads are plastic tho

Amy Simpson says:

it depends on where you get it because I got the same burger from 2 different McDonald’s and one of the burgers the cheese was half off with the meat and the other burger was almost perfect

Lance Lindle Lee says:

Shes seems like a hypocrite in the video. Show knows that it takes a long time to make food look pretty and that fast food has no time for that yet she still judges it harshly

Sam Merat says:

Wait styling food is a job? Sign me up

Banana Cat says:

I like how she said I’m loving it while she was reviewing the big mac

XXXVI 2017 says:

So, just shut up and eat it. Well said..

The gammer and random channel says:

Yea the bun has cracks

Terry says:

idk but the way she talks makes me so angry

Roman Corey says:

Never knew there was such a thing as a food stylist.

Galena Muscuvite says:

I’m getting soooooo hungry.

Rocka Millington says:

They all look like slop

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