Gerber Apple Strawberry Banana Baby Food Review

After much debate, I finally decided to try out Gerber’s finest purée, the Apple, Strawberry and Banana Baby Food.


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Spicygoofs 19 says:

Gentle boi

Joey Delvalle says:

wtf whats next rice pudding?? Stick to the food reviews

kirill g says:


A B says:

Looking a little shaky with the spoon, are you a nervous guy in general?

Hova Mane says:


Λυδία Τρασανη says:

I am attracted

Stanley Gargamel says:

I would like to try a taste this the Apple, Strawberry and Banana purée,because I had for breakfast pork beef tomato purée, and I should say that I had interesting a food at morning.

Kurt Mac says:

Is this a joke?

Bent Neatly says:

Its been like three years ive been ignoring you. It took baby food to get that subscribe. lol. keep it up brah

Joshua Stowers says:

Review spicy v8 juice

Dark Survivor says:

Can’t he open his mouth? the spoon barely enters, wtf dude

Elaine Valdes says:

I love you

BrendanMaxwellMusic says:

The most kind, yet most entertaining troll on YouTube

david leal says:

9:53 Reviewbrah out here stirring like Migos

Carol Church says:

Gerber should comising u now for real

Grandmagaga60 says:

You look exactly like a picture of my father at age 16 in 1940! He started as an electrician, became a high-school science teacher and ended up becoming a physician. Good luck! You’re doing a great job! Love your videos!

Burmham Burgington says:

Loving the vid review brah KEEP MAKING MOAR! 🙂

Clayton Goodman says:

I love this twist.

Rhonda Weber says:

Non GMO = Good!!!

Abran Mendoza says:

haha, why he eating it like somebody pulling it away from him?

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

I mentioned Amazon Affiliate program at the end of the video, if you want to get a shortwave radio or anything interesting you can check it out here:

PlaceboStripes says:

He’s really laying it on thick here. What a saucy boy.

Frank Budkiss says:

This is strange ….

Defalized says:

you sound like sheldon cooper

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