Good Times Burgers ☆TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER & WILD FRIES☆ Food Review!!!

Good Times is a Colorado-based Burger & Frozen Custard fast food chain that started in the 80’s and has taken off with millions of locations currently in two states, Colorado and Wyoming. You almost cannot take a step without finding one. No, literally. As soon as I left this one, the parking lot connects with another one. It has taken me almost 2 years of living in Denver to finally stop for the FIRST TIME and try Good Times Burgers! I’m checking out their “Burger Of The Month” – ☆TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER & WILD FRIES☆ BIG BITE!!!


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Nick Tronson says:

I just want to eat burgers.

Gucci Gamer says:

Awesome I wish I can be like u Justin

JakeB88 says:

Still with those hands

Dan Byrnes says:

I’m sorry they aren’t in Mass

Chris M. says:

Whoever gave a thumbs down clearly didnt make it to the end of the video. That was awesome

Big Daddy TV says:

Would you wanna do a Collab maybe?

Gary L. Street says:

Good times pays like my favorite place to buy a burger, In N Out. I hope to try them if or when I get to Colorado. Like the Joey whoo hoo.

Byron Argueta says:

I want to go there to try that burger,looks good. Awesome review!!!!

Gabe says:

Too much meat for me

METALMAN4Wii says:

Hate to be the bean counter here, but at 4 employees at $12 an hour that’s $48 at a 50% operating cost they would have to sell $100 in food every hour to break even.

Michael Fellner says:

10 bucks for this? Taste cant be that good to be worth it, what a rip.

Onion Burgers says:

i like you and Bob from Food Dip (food use). joeys world tour and that guy in the oversized suit sucks

j loomis7 says:

I knew you’d like it. I moved away for about 10 years and it was always somewhere I ate once or twice when visiting as a personal requirement. Thank you for the shotout.

Bissan HD says:

Why did he keep screaming in the intro

Kyaw Mya says:

i loveeeeeeee your video your the best you tube everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Bad Vibes says:

God that looks disgusting. Could you even taste the condiments? It looks more like a piece of meatloaf than a burger

Joshua Rodrigues says:

As always, awesome video Justin!! That burger looks awesome! You gotta try the Red Robin Pig Out Double Tavern burger. Its a bacon burger with a bacon mayo! Its an awesome burger

Keith spencer says:

This dude is so funny.

Real_OrionChill says:

Looks great man

Vlog King says:

In from Scotland wish we had that burgers over hear Justin

Dylan Callahan says:

Love seeing you reviewing CO places. I have family in Pueblo, CO so it is very awesome to find someone in the area kinda lol hope all is well Justin thanks for posting these videos. You make my day when I’m feeling like absolute crap

Musiclogic says:

Justin,. If you had longer hair, you could be an Undertaker Stunt double

Whiskey Da Don says:

Ask them for some of their “dippin’ sauce” I put it on everything it’s so good I drove over an hour to go there once because they closed them all down in Colorado Springs

bmcgmusic says:

Looks amazing, wish we had those out east.

Nelly 1 says:

Wow this dude is a savage

Tone Justice says:

That bullshit look nasty

METALMAN4Wii says:

Good deal cheaper than Five Guys and their fries look crispy and not soggy.

Musiclogic says:

$10 for that combo is a deal, that burger looks killer and the fries too

metthem88 says:

*WooWooWooWoo pin me Joey*

J B says:


Colin S says:

10.03 because the Tax Man is counting. Love it.

FoodFiendz says:

Absolutely love the vids Justin. You’ve encouraged me and my buds to go out and try and make our own youtube channel. It’d be much appreciated if anyone wanted to check it out and offer some advice

tOnY O says:

Ur a 10

Diz 23 says:

Dam that 1st bite

Scott Choate says:

Lucky you,lol

tro5k says:

I wanna try this but there’s none in AZ 🙁

Franky Benitez says:

Dont eat the fries cuz u cutting

King Kong Bundy says:

Dude,I’m eating my phone now watching you vids

nooberrific says:

Get no fries and no bun keto all the way lol

ChrisInIndy06 says:

Good Times is dank. They have this dipping sauce which kinda reminds me of the Chik Fil-A sauce; I’m surprised they didn’t try to sell you on it! It’s like a honey mustard/bbq sauce. It’s amazing.

CJ Cutter says:

Makes my double quarter pounder look weak! Big Bite!

Ben Taylor says:

Who knew John C Riley had a YouTube channel

TheLraines says:

Hi Justin! Enjoy your videos very much. You seem to be spot on with my thinking and descriptions, except I take small bites! Please try the new Triple Stack Breakfast Sandwiches from McDonald’s! Looking forward to your next review. Just wish we had some of the places you have near you around my area.

Uncle Chuckles says:

Justin Thank you For,finally doing a Locals Burger Spot.. Your killer man.. Keep it up.. Signed Aaron the Detroit Pizza eating monster

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