Hardee’s Chicken Biscuit – Food Review

The latest review of the Chicken Biscuit from Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. as some call it.

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Ryan Hicks says:

Do the fast food employees recognize reviewbrah?

Mojo_ says:

Glad ur still alive brodie. Long live the legend

len 114602 says:


Jimmy Bore says:

You don’t know the impact you have. Keep fighting, do it for us all.

G Lewis says:

The Brah that was promised.

Ihate Mr. Wires says:

Sir, your videos remind me of better times.

D K says:

You’ve gotta review the Naked breakfast taco from Taco Bell

Thomas W says:

Reviewbrah gives me a Hardee

Apina Saatana says:

I first viewed your style as a bit of a gag, a satire part of the show, but the more I watch, the more I respect the timeless charm and the stone cold confidence.

Joshua Sanchez says:

For some reason Reviewbrah seems to signify the american dream to me.

Solitudious says:

if those restaurants lost power they are definitely using some if not all of the products that were there before the power went out

Joeys Car Seat says:

My Bluetooth was on the entire time I was watching this in the other room and I had to explain what I was doing.

Elfox Diablo says:

Depending on how far you’re willing to drive to review something I would like to hear your opinion on a Milo’s Famous Burger and fries!

Backwards Watermelon says:

May I get a reply, my good fellow?

Alexis Johannisburg says:

Reviewbrah, what’s up with that pillow in your car? Idk why but it bothers me so much lol that pillow is always chillin there perfectly.

Joey Vendetta says:


Ranya Putri says:

I’m dreaming of a day when he start the video with, hello everyone this is running for president food review

bambi says:

I want to be your friend so badly. ;_;

Rakugoth Dajjal says:

Reviewbrah should start playing figure style guitar. His hands are about perfect for it.

Big Lot says:

” it’s been a crazy month “.. I bet. Can’t imagine all the burden being God.

hevquip says:

Reviewbrah only YouTube reviewer whose viewers not even here for what he reviews. We’re here for HIM

Frankie Ramirez says:

He could totally play Voldemort as a youth lol

blaise rascoe says:

Throw some honey butter sauce from Whataburger on that biscuit and watch the world burn as you go where no man has gone before

Blake Jamieson says:

Reviewbrah’s vids always make me hungry.

survivorofall2014 says:

shmoyoho should songify this!!

megmcfoo says:

That’s a scone not a biscuit

Skyrilla says:

Why does he remind me of elves.

Michael says:

I think you should start off the video of you ordering the food

So-Cal Theme Park Fan says:


James Buchanan Barnes says:

God himself

Marty Fontaine says:

I Would put pickles on that though !!!!!!!

Miguel Cheng says:

Violets are red
Roses are blue
This is Running on Empty

TM Eddum says:

Good evening ReviewBrah! Great video as always!

Greg N says:

Must have really been running on empty with that stomach bug.. glad you’re back sir

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