Harley Morenstein and Sean Evans Review Fast-Food Mashups | Sean in the Wild

Harley Morenstein is known for creating some of the world’s most terrifying edible monstrosities on his YouTube channel Epic Meal Time. But what does this culinary Dr. Frankenstein think of smashing two of his favorite fast-food chains together into one dish? Well, today Sean Evans takes his buddy Harley through the fast-food journey of his lifetime. From a McDonald’s-Chick-fil-A hybrid, to KFC chicken tenders rolled up in a Taco Bell Quesarito, Harley travels through space and time in order to have a fast-food out-of-body experience. Then, in the friendship-building exercise of the century, Sean and Harley use a small mountain of deep-fried ingredients to build one another the ultimate fast-food crossovers. Will these mega-mashups strengthen Sean and Harley’s bond, or turn them into mortal enemies forever? Watch an all new episode of Sean in the Wild to find out.

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G.O.M.D l.A.N says:

Is there a restaurant that sells this kind of food

PierreLeBeau says:

Agreed. Chic Fil A > In N Out.

Tommie de Waal says:

Awesome guys! Love it, the feedback on every combo makes me come back for each new episode. Enjoy the chemistry you guys have as buds and food people!

Sébastien Moreau says:

Thanks Harley for throwing a “eh!” When talking about the drewle!

R.F says:

Shabat shalom

Francesco Mannella says:

I still love epic meal time!!!

sicDaVid says:

He is so disgruntled by hype he’s become that guy that dislikes a hyped product before he tries it. Niche burgers pushed by wall street must be his exception.

Cleoinlove says:

Harley looks like Chief Hopper from Stranger Things mixed with Tormund from GoT

SAMMY B says:

That quesarito looks fucking amazing

Alan Chew says:

First we feast’s editors are under appreciated

ToastyRoland says:

It’s been super cringy watching the slow demise of EMT over the years. Harley looks rough as fuck these days, and what the hell is up with the quasi-hipster fashion he is sporting? Ah, whatev’s… fucking thank FWF for taking the throne. Cheers.

Nathan Nichols says:

Mann thought that bearded dood was Tom Segura

DoctorBarbarian says:

What up with that jacket though?!

lernihj1 says:


TheGrizwaldsLA says:

the stranger things cop got a lot cooler since his weird award speach

Jimmie Lovett says:

There’s a really good Mexican place where I live and they reinvent themselves from time to time. They now have a “Mexican burger” and it’s a classic burger, but all the sauce is queso dip and then a huge helping of chorizo chili on top of the patty and then has jalapenos, etc. I love burgers and I love Mexican, but the two don’t really mix well. although queso is good on anything, chorizo has it’s limits IMO

HuhSJ20 says:

As someone from the northeast removed from the hype of both In’n’out an chik fil-a I can say that they are both overrated. Not only because their names are spelled moronically but because they are both just ok

Kyle Wagoner says:

Taco Bell Nacho Fries already gone by the time this vid is up.

FizZy IF says:

Thanks sean, now im hungry af

GDI says:

What the fuck there’s nothing spicy at all in this vid…

Lar deSouza says:

Harley is always the best but I am so dang hungry now :)P

PierreLeBeau says:

BurgerFi does have a damn decent burger. 7:10

Steven Loyens says:

Can we see Linus Sebastian (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linus_Sebastian) & Maxine Lucille(https://www.instagram.com/mmaxinelucille/) on the Hot Ones?

CCRob720 says:

shame, come to Texas and visit a Whataburger. personal Fav. Patty melt. but thats not a Tx OG. but its damn good.

Sankofa NYC says:

7:02 is facts… all those burgers are better than In n Out…

project 2501 says:

title: dana white and conor mcgregor eat food

itsbinkl182 says:

10/10 for the brilliant names of these concoctions

Clyde Burgos says:

This is cereal hot sauce – Harley

8Bit Time Traveler says:

Yo guys, you wont believe this shit I just found on youtube. An all you can eat Filipino funeral buffet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHC5sE5Ue0k

Eating Paste says:

Harley made a nazi joke, better arrest him.

hayden hollenbaugh says:

chicken quesarito with Dirty Dick’s sauce in between each bite is heavenly.

Matt V says:

even the nazis would rate the burgeritto a nein

tobeannouncd says:

Where are Fafa and Mario?

whoadoe says:

the habit is so much better than INO lol

Cameron Steijn says:

harley must not have a lot of tastebuds left in his mouth from all the jack daniels if he thinks 5 five guys and shake shack is better than in an out. go back to timmy hortons ayy.

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