How Spicy are the Ghost Pepper Wings from Popeyes

Answering the question of the year, just how spicy are the new Ghost Pepper Wings from Popeyes?

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Noel Perez says:

He makes the best food reviews ever. Honest, professional and well presentation.

Anderson Master says:

Straight G!

Henry Huang says:

You look like a 1970 serial killer

Emma Hanlon says:

I love you queen of food bless

coqsoq says:


Rusty Shakelferd says:

Looked pissed in the video thumbnail.

Soda 507 says:


Kiki Williams says:

reviewbruh gets hella hoes

Ashleigh says:

“Rajun” instead of Raging i love how elegantly he made that sound

Fin M says:


Brandon Lambert says:

E X T R A. D I P

An Idiot's Array says:

Diggin’ the houndstooth, bruv.

Nathan Sterling says:

I like the Jacket & Tie Reviewbrah, suggestion though i would avoid double patterns; solid color tie would look good

Kyle Engstrom says:

Dope suit!

Layne Matthews says:

God dismantles humanity’s strongest weapon

Morpheas says:

I had just finished eating before watching this video, and it was a very filling meal.

However, I found myself drooling while watching this!
Those wings looked crunchy as fuck and delicious!!!


Uncomfortable Shirt says:

Where is the purple pillow???

Texas Neuendorf says:

How old you is??

Chicken Man says:

I love u

sergio gamboa says:

Thanks for the review, Sir!

GhostGaming says:

How many wings do you get?

aj_daboss says:

This video is better than any video I have ever seen I got to see the intro again

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

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Juan Bravo says:

Dude I love his intro so much for running on empty! XD

StSa 104 says:

Looks like a regular sized drumstick that you’re eating. Are they that big???

Kendrick Lamar says:

Roses are red, violets are blue, this is running on empty food review

White Christian Heterosexual Male says:

Great suit my friend !

Aaron Tyler says:

The man the myth the legend himself

Hou Yeet says:

How convenient, i was just wondering about these today when i was in the line at Popeyes

Mortal Scribble says:

i usally come here when i get hungry, so i know what to go out to get for lunch / dinner

Joe Abbs says:

it’s prob ghost pepper powder

Sir Kevin says:

I think you and Chelsea Manning should date…..

Hannibal Hendrix says:

Hey. Do a review of you eating panocha

Georgy Ramone says:

Spoiler: They’re not spicy. Never have been, never will. Praise your god for hot sauce lol

Kurdish Investor says:

Your always well dressed do you do anything else other than YouTube ?

Aurioh says:

Business man during the day. Food reviewer during break.

TaterWaiter says:

I think you’re the last man with the 1940’s radio voice

Bryson says:

Love the lighter coloured suits, Very down to earth and casual

JustSomeDude 03 says:

This is possibly the smartest lizard I have ever seen

Chris says:

Running on pathetic food review

Sappy-Seaman says:

Double introduction is redundant

jackmen4 says:

I like your monster water cup reviewbruh!!!!!

David Abbatangelo says:

This is the best thing that’s happened to me in awhile

TheBeanDream says:

A crispity crunchity wing

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