How the Big Mac Bacon Destroyed My Soul

How can a Big Mac with some Bacon be capable of doing so much? You’ll see… never underestimate its capabilities. I’m wearing a blue three button suit from Milano Moda.




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David Robinett says:

From A person who actually does work at a McDonald’s nowhere close to being made right I would be pissed that’s totally uncalled for and I’m sorry that happened to you

PlanetPowerHD says:

This chollo milking the fastfood YouTube coin like a bare foot hobbit

princepernell#10 says:

McDonald’s only hires kids that are related to someone who already works there and does a shitty job.

Väinö Oulujärvi says:

We all are just going to ignore that GOD sport joke at the beginning

Truth says:

You had a really big bag. What else did you get? Did someone else eat the one with bacon by mistake? LOL

Hawk_ish says:

My disappointment is immeasurable….

And my day is ruined.

Vivian Perry says:

Reviewbrah: _reviews McDonald’s food_
YouTube: *plays KFC ad*

Astroworld Rodeo says:

Bruh my mans was thirst at that first sip

DmaxHd says:

8 and a half minutes in and this wierdwolf finally gets a bite out of it .

Zarak Shah says:

Better stay away might be tooo charming for them

Ocram says:

You should do a review on burger in a can

Cool Cat Club says:

The blue three button suit from Milano Moda is very nice looking, by far the best this year!

CosAnime AU says:

You have a soul?

Ice - Voltic says:

5:40 LOL

Max G says:

I don’t understand why not just go back later and get another one… This is a waste of your time and the viewers time who came for bacon big mac.

Cafarelli : says:

still waiting for the day reviewbrah to come out and say it was all satire

S_95 says:

the bacon big mac is something to definitely bring up and talk about to someone that hasn’t gone to mcdonalds in a while; yet it is something you would tell someone not to pay for. its expensive and not special at all. try or pass? i’d say pass. not that great.

If You're Gonna Do It Do It With Flair says:

Why does this guy look like Lorde?

davids11131113 says:

Try the Red Robin Cheesemaster sometime, it’s great.

R R'tok says:

do you still feel bad for ppl, who are working there? 😀

Carr Rexx says:

I once ordered a Scissor Salad. And guess what? No scissors.

Jacob Harris says:

reviewbrah you should do a reaction video on your old videos from when you were first starting youtube

Brotha from anotha motha says:

I want you to spank me with that Big Mac right now.

Snarky Mcsnarkles says:

Where did you get that poorly fitting suit? you look like some sleezy undertaker

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

If you’re interested be sure to check out some of my Merch at it’s a fun way to help support the channel – check it out!

Captain0Sunny says:

im in the wrong side of youtube again ..

lazyboy says:

its not your fault my guy you did your best

pmc820 says:

I mean, of course he’s got long fingernails.

Clark Cord says:

Those nails! Damn dude lol. Vampire status.

Carr Rexx says:

I think your father is Jeff Goldblum.

Roberto Mundo says:

15 bucks an hour….hahahahaha

Kenny Le says:

Kids from the 90s watched Mr. Rogers. Kids from late 2010s watch Review Brah.

Jason Saayman says:

Got a McDonald’s ad in the middle of this video

Lychee Edits says:

ur freaking me out bro stop

Jessica says:

Love you bro

Michael Hauser says:

Bro when bought a Big Mac bacon these Mfs didn’t put bacon on it

Em M says:

Your skits, that’s fucking skits.

jake orlick says:

This is the best episode of your channel so far. “the show must go on…”


Jordan for three and a walk off homerun to win the super bowl for the Toronto mapleleafs

Random Royce says:

Do Cheesy Bacon Fries from McDonalds. It’s a NEW item.

Sean M says:

you should go back with the reciept and have them replace the sandwich for free

Shawn Sandherr says:

Please review it again. Give those nice folks another shot

Sal Mogavero says:

His disappointment is immeasurable and his day has been ruined

Annie Collipp says:

Do a review of chuck e cheese pizza in the spirit of shane dawson

Ya Wan Shum says:

Trick title. You dont have a soul

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