I went into a deep coma for 3 days after this ✌🏽never again lol

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dfyui cfghjk says:

here at kfc you can have fries potatoes, potatoes cooked in oven, beans, corn and salad and everything is around 1/2€
it’s a great place if you haven’t got a lot of money and need to have a fast lunch

dfyui cfghjk says:

“can I have all the vegan stuff?” I’m dying

ciramelle says:

Can’t say I’m surprised you pulled out the tahini, still laughed hard at it.

Also, my procrastination levels have gotten to the point of me watching videos about fast food in the UK while I don’t even live in the UK.
But you just made me do my research and that glorious apple pie is vegan over here, too. :O I always used to get it waiting for the bus at night when everything was closed besides MCD. I’m not sure if I wouldn’t have preferred to live in blissful ignorance and assume it’s not vegan (well thanks Miles!)

sjc04d says:

Regular fries and no potato wedges at KFC? Sacrilege.

Basile Châtelain says:


My wig says:

I’m eating a jar of tahini watching this

biebs problem says:

to every hormonal teenager out there who stans emma chamberlain, LISTEN UP U MFFFFF he has always been editing like this!!!! just watch a video from 3 months ago before SHE BLEW UP!!! like whERE DID SHE INVENT EDiting? i’m sorry but i don’t remember seeing THAT FACT in my history book

fullmetalloser says:

don’t knocka the mocha

neuftet says:

Love your video but you don’t need to justify eating at every single spot. People get it; you eat healthy. Eating like this now and then isn’t a big deal.

Aquascape says:

Try Temple of Seitan, Miles! And By Chloe in covent garden (delicious af)

The New Mum says:

You could have ordered the sweet chilli veg burger. You can order it with onion and gherkin and add mustard instead of mayo.

Olivia Elliott says:

KFC is awful for veggie options! Not related to this video but can you recommend any exercises for muscle gain?

UKnowItsZoë says:

Yeah the fries in America have milk in the

j.marie Jaemae says:

I love your videos, you make the most hilarious edits, entertaining content, and truly educate us at the same time. If only I lived closer, I would stalk … I mean, try to make you my friend.

Jen AB says:

i was cracking up when the voice over said “bitch please”.. but then you pulled out the tahini and i almost fell out of my chair.. i love you miles!

ksib3 says:

McDonald’s in the US don’t have vegan options.

Emily Taylor says:

You guys are so lucky you have a veggie burger in McDonalds! In the US we don’t have that 🙁

Klara says:

Do you take tahini everywhere? 😉

Basile Châtelain says:

oink oink

Amber Gerlach says:

Random question but are you vegan just for the health benefits or are there ethical reasons as well?

Alisha Marie Moonraye says:

You’re so attractive. And this was a great video haha ♥

Rosalie Mastropietro says:


Katherine Trujillo says:

Great video

Alec Michael says:

Actually KFC does have a Los Angeles, Nashville, and North Carolina vegan chick’n bucket but I live in Kentucky so I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have it in the state it’s named after lmfao.

Positivitina says:

no matter what kind of video you are doing- IT IS GENIUS

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