I Finally Review Dunkin’ Donuts Donut Fries

By popular demand, I try out the new Doughnut Fries from Dunkin’ Donuts!

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some dude says:

You look like a rat nibbling on cheese .

GRIZZ says:

*Next Election, Please Sign Up… We need someone like you.*

Christopher Acuna says:

Slim Jimmy head ahhh

Morgan Alexis says:

emma chamberlain brought me here

Julie Freeman says:

I swear I gain brain cells watching these videos

country//420// farmer says:

Red Bull gives people heart attacks.

brandon201bakugan says:

The cinematography of this video is amazing and aesthetically pleasing

Ice Corgi 13 says:

I LOVE your intro to every video its so classy and great!

A Row of Lights says:

1 mil!

Goldie Socks says:

Who else just likes the video right when u click on the video? I do

Fail Safe says:

Ladies and Gentlemen. A true Alpha male!

Jane Bone says:


Stephen Irving says:

Wanted to let you know I had the automatic closed caption on from a previous video, and not only did the captions catch it correctly when you said “Reviewbrah” but it even capitalized it as well!

XxGaming Expert says:

He looks like the Backpack Kid

Done says:

Those would be good if it came with some warmed up Maple syrup you could dunk them in.their kinda like a French toast/pancake type.

Antonio Larizza says:

This man is god

Stomp Chunkman says:

I wonder how it would be if Reviewbrah and MRE Steve did a video together.

Joey Ramos says:

I don’t know why i enjoy his dry sence of humor so much haha

iEaTfOoD says:

Great video !!

Valusha says:

“They didn’t know…so I got a redbull” oh reviewbrah you never disappoint

shie et says:

seems good

Vishakha Arora says:


Your pal, Andrew says:

“Collectors item” *bag smacks against floor*

Quintin Groves says:

Good content Q food reviews god bless

James Bond says:

If you ever see a Mexican restaurant,it’s a chain,called Moe’s Mexican grille try it.

Catracks says:

Where did u get the name ReviewBrah from

Chico Espino says:

Are you high on some of these videos

Mzrsa says:

You remind me of alex from love island

Mario says:

I loving love you

Laura Weaver says:

OMG!! “Butterfly meat” is something that is going to stick with me the rest of my life! HAAAAAAAAAAA

Andrew Nixon says:

Ahh yes I notice your wide and such cultured appetite, knowing about the French’s toast

Lightning_Liz says:

he’s “shook” I love this xD

MiSo Scraben says:

7.26, your rating, is my father’s birthday. Oddly, it is also the day that I see this review. Fair rating. Though a bit sadden that they lacked the mild buttery flavoring. Nonetheless, interesting. Thank you.

Ivan Martin says:

Dress like a normal person john! You look like an ill out of your mind person. You’re just a human being like us all. Dress normally for crying out loud!! UNSUBSCRIBED

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

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lakserefreng says:

I’m disappointed they didn’t fry a whole doughnut.

Catracks says:

I ate these while watching the video and i agree they r kinda dry not buttery

Jack Frost says:

It’s been a while since I’ve been here and damn have I missed the sound of your voice.

Dominiclk Cifelli says:

sell the bag of empty donut fries.. ill bid $50

PCFanatic LetsPlay says:

Awesome 1970s decor.

Zeronightshade plays the Vidja James says:

I love you Reviewbrah.

Eric Scofield says:

Anyday,better than ”poutine”’ they serve at Tim Horton here in Canada.

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