I Got It! Burger King’s Halloween Nightmare Burger Review

I’m just doing me! I was curious as to how the ever so elusive Nightmare King sandwich tasted, so I finally gave it a try!

Burger King A.1. Halloween Whopper Review Mentioned: https://youtu.be/n_LyR70HDVQ

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Chris says:

I hope you end up doing more music reviews in the style of your Jack White review.

Chris collins says:

You are an utterly fascinating man. Indeed.

Alex Peltzer says:

this dude is a meme in person

2win Jay says:

i feel like he comes out of work… gets high… and makes these videos lol

Corey Dunlap says:

Dressed causal on this particular day I see

Tonia Crawford says:

U eat funny it must be good mate

Brother Bolter says:

Looks like a nightmare…

EJSFilms2K says:

Reviewbrah always trips me out with the double intro.

Zach Varbel says:

That’s spongebobs pretty patty

Richy Rich says:

Doesn’t that look like the burger that was sold to the health inspector in spongebob?


that bun looks gross

Review Central says:

Why you eat bacon its gross

jaykwali says:

reviewbrah’s demeanor and the way he talks reminds me a lot of ben shapiro and i love it.

TEE VEE says:

It’s gween!

Jimmy .L says:

I want to see you clad in armour, leading a charge of thousands into battle.

Lady Bridget says:

You couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to eat that satanic crap.

Elvison Tavarez says:

Nice clothes by the way check that nacho fries vid because Taco Bell commented on that vid

Spicy says:

I can imagine this guy eating a bag of chips loudly while his school is on lockdown

Lyssa Marie says:

i love you

Forever_Young 9 says:

I love the way you say burger lol

wackytobaccy 2002 says:

Yo this dude is hella chill

standard931 says:

That’s double the size of our burgers in the UK and half the price…

Mantella says:

Man I love Bladee

Premier Abyss says:

Damn, this burger was giving review brah nightmares before he even ate it

Ta3zer 1000 says:

Last time it was black not whatever this is

Happyduckling says:

Am i the only one that wants him to do a video thing where he works out and has a transformation?

YEKIR R says:

For some reason I can watch this channel for years IDK why but it’s just nice

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

If you get the chance, I really hope you can check out the newest VORW Radio Show on SoundCloud – it’s a good 2 hour show of discussion and music https://soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int/vorw-radio-international-program-97-via-4840-9395-7730khz

*UPDATE*: BurgerKing’s Nightmare King from this review did NOT give me nightmares and had NO additional or unwanted side effects. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

BiggHewi says:

How did you sleep? XD

anthicide says:

i love you

DanimationMovies says:

that’s a great fucken tie

jesus antonio romero navarro says:

The dislikes are from other politicians.

Darren Hull says:

This guy reminds me of the bloke out of FALLING DOWN – he’s nuts for saying you can compare ya crap – that’d definitely be the talk of the town where i’m from – probably end up at the local loonie bin but hey, at least my crap would be an awesome color……

Mr.Hyuga says:

simple yet complex food review *NAILED IT*

Kamil Golaso says:


Mr.Glitchyypants says:

Get the Banco King and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich and combine them to get that would cost more but would give a simial experience when the burger is gone

Matthew Young says:

So we’re all curious: it’s been a couple days now; DID you have nightmares that night?

Alexander Davenport says:

I cant tell if this guy is no bullshit or nothing but bullshit. The amount of care to production is there, its just the social aspects that drive me nuts. Then again reviews arent meant for entertainment. I gave ya thumbs up

LetoZeth says:

I wouldn’t eat that. xD

John Kemmerer says:

Now tell us what you dreamt about!

Randy Marsh says:

What seems to be the officer, problem?

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