I HATE MY JOB (Fast Food Review was also uploaded today)

How often have you said, “I HATE MY JOB?” Well, this was the topic voted on Twitter for me to discuss tonight and I break it all down in this video. I have also uploaded a Fast Food Review tonight!

McDonalds McPasta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynOk-Ri5xig

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jonesbunny says:

Omg stfu already your a psychopath. Get off youtube. Even you food reviews are dry. U changed big time

IntrovertedLoner says:

What if my job makes me suicidal?

Tin Casino says:

Who’s hating on these videos, I don’t understand.

You really have a thing for talking to people and for spreading that good and helpfull vibe.

I love it, please don’t stop. I would love if your chanel could be like Boogies, just talking about life, video games, movies etc.

You can really find yourself in your videos, keep rockin!

jfilms17 says:

Yes Daym! thanks a ton needed this video I dig the fact you’re doing these encouraging videos from the knowledge you’ve gained……that’s giving back……that’s big homie stuff……dig that……mos def relating to all this right now!

cuzzoaz says:

Good Video, Daym! I have been watching the real talk videos before the food review videos I like them, keep up the good work.

The Devil says:

Or find a new damn job

jloomis7 says:

Not a bad video, but you’re not being consistent. If people fall off it’s not because the “foodie fam” has deserted you, it’s because they came for one thing and are now just getting a bunch of other things.

AsianGamerBro says:

Love your new channel content daym. Fresh. Reinventing yourself. Keep it up.

Gunther says:

i always say this

IncanTV says:

A bad day at a job, still better then a good day be unemployed.

Deeligee says:

Correct…. DAYM

Keith Beacham says:

I needed that Daym.

mariofan601 says:

Real talk, I actually like these videos a little better than the food reviews. I feel theres more to learn and gain from these. Keep it up!

matt n says:

I’m not really a fan of you tubers having multiple channels but daym needs one for this shit

Locutz M says:

Why nobody wanna talk to women ? That’s weird !

Mr. Mystery says:

Dude. If youtube doesn’t work for you? Cash it in as a motivational speaker.

Leslie D. says:

Thank You Daym Drops.. Thank You

Sergio Velasco says:

Damn Daym, this is better advice than that damn Tai Lopez

Alpha Num says:

I see why Daym used this channel because “Daym Drops” is a great name and brand. Doesn’t make sense to give that up or only be about food. It’s not like it’s called “Daym’s food review”. I understand the other side because they mainly see it as food. I side with Daym because the name is the brand. When people search a topic, they get the videos and aren’t looking into the channel.

However, I do feel that when it comes to food reviews, Daym is among the best. To take this step towards personal advice is a very very crowded field and I’m not sure if Daym the messenger for that.

Mil Muertes says:

RIP to this channel sad day! The next ken Domick guys


Get a real job

RockinRob69 says:

*Stop confusing your followers. I’m on the fence for unsubbing from recent allegations. Don’t know if you’re coming or going.*


great stuff

magicbox says:

Make a 2nd channel for these chats! Like, “Daym Real Talk” !

Alex Taramona says:


Darkened Light says:

The key is to make long-term career goals, with short-term steps you can take to get there. You have to always be working toward a goal, or you will end up doing the same thing every day.

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