I Review McDonald’s Bacon Smokehouse Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Today I review the fairly new Bacon Smokehouse Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich from McDonalds (Could this name be any longer?)

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Bert Dillen says:

Xanax is the only real happy meal!
Lsd is not a option for this..

Steven McCormack says:

This guy is a Renaissance Man

Kuraha says:

Have you thought about trying chain fast food from other countries?

The Dankest Ron Paul says:

9:27 ……………oh my my my.

JORLANDO93 says:

Your handwriting gave me autism

carnation in tarnation says:

This dude gives me life

Red 27 says:

i would like to say something. i just came from your video reacting to mean comments, the first one i’ve ever seen of you, and i just… couldn’t believe it. you are a very singular guy, with an unique style and appearance, your attitude shows you’re a really calm, respectful, friendly and overall nice guy. As someone said in the comments of that video, you hid the name of the people who were telling you terrible things to protect them from harm… the same harm they were doing to you, and that my friend just shows exactly the kind of person you are.

i’m kind of a lone guy, i don’t like people much, i prefer to be with my family most of the time, animals, and my friends who i can count with one hand, and i think that’s because my nature doesn’t react well with most people. people who do bad things to you, who talk bad things about you, who do harm to you and others with their selfish actions, who make fun of those who are different and wish them harm. i’ve had the bad luck of running into some of those people on my life, and sadly i had let them affect my conception of people in general. then i see your channel, and i just fell so… at home. idk, maybe it sounds ridiculous and maybe its just all an act, but i think the world need more people like you, i though… “this is a precious little puppy”, that may sound odd but, if you think about it, puppies just irradiate a pure spirit and a kind nature and that’s what i got from you. In a way… i feel like you restored a bit of my faith in people. Thank you for that.

this might seem like a hasty conclusion after just 2 videos, but i think acts speak louder than words and what i saw of you just reassures me im not wrong… a gut feeling you may say. well i wish you all the luck in the world buddy, keep it up!


Great video! Loved it

There it is ! says:

How was your trip to your home planet?

Beau Man says:

2:50 when a customer walks in right before close lmaoooo

The Difficult Clam says:

Was not prepared for that emotional rollercoaster. Reviewbrah strikes again.

Attila Kovács says:

why running on empty?

schmui says:

9:47 Nicolas Walken

dickinsonroxx says:

great show keep it up!

Turian Rebel says:

F o o d r e v I e w

The Kitty House says:

The arm on your chair is in disrepair.

TheMixmaxand KK' says:

For some reason google have translated the name and the description of this video, I wonder why

Bob S. Stevenson says:

thank you for your offering my lord i feel good to hear you talking again…

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

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Paula Deen says:

im in the mood for a new burger to try, great review x

NDA says:

… why does this video title & desc appear in danish for me

StevePelcz says:

Friendship ended with Sweet Mustard, Bacon Onion sauce is new best friend

Michael says:

Does this guy really dress like this or only when he makes youtube videos?.

MalleusMalleficarum says:

I love you. I love your content so much. I started watching you recently, but honestly you’re so genuine and it just helps my day when shit’s bad. You go, man. Protect this beautiful person.

spook show says:

It looks really good.

JxnGamerHD says:

I showed this video to my dog and now he walks me…

MagnuM00125 says:

peter parker – tobey maguire

Rexcity says:

I am genuiley curious as to if he takes this seriously or not? I’m not dissing or whatever just curious.

Status Disarray says:

I have seen most of your videos and enjoy them but have never once tried anything you have eaten! I have looked through them all and so far ..nope never tried a single thing! I am not going to try this one either but really enjoyed watching you try it! I found you because of shortwave radio something I am really trying to figure out how to enjoy.

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