In-N-Out Burger VS. Five Guys (American Fast Food Review!)

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Phoenix, Arizona

I’ve eaten In-N-Out Burger before and I’ve eaten Five Guys before… but this was my first time to ever eat them back to back. In this video I’m taking you on a full burger review comparison between In-N-Out and Five Guys, two burger chains with extremely loyal followings.

In-N-Out Burger

I ordered the Double Double and extra crispy fries. Now to keep things consistent for the review, I couldn’t go all crazy with their secret menu of toppings, so all I ordered was extra onions.

Prices – Double Double – $3.85, Extra crispy fries – $1.80

The Double Double from In-N-Out is indeed extremely tasty and salty and it has an amazing balance of tastes and everything goes together in such harmony. However, after finishing the Double Double I walked away still quite hungry.

Five Guys

Next we drove over to Five Guys, luckily just a 5 minute drive from In-N-Out Burger. Again, I kept it pretty simple and just ordered their cheeseburger all the way, and a side of regular fries. You’ll notice immediately that the prices are twice as high as In-N-Out, however, we’ll find out that their burger weight probably twice as much as well.

Prices – Cheeseburger – $7.99, Fries – $4.29

The Five Guys Cheeseburger is heavy and dense, and they already press down the bun for you, so it’s not fluffy at all. The ingredients inside are great, and I especially enjoyed the mushrooms inside. The burger is definitely not as salty as In-N-Out, however it tastes better quality.


It sort of depends on what mood you’re in, and you do have to take into account that Five Guys is twice as expensive as In-N-Out – so you could eat two Double Doubles for the same price as one Five Guys cheeseburger.

I think the In-N-Out Double Double is tastier, possibly because it’s saltier, but the Five Guys burger tastes fresher, more natural, and a little more home-cooked styles. Overall, I would choose Five Guys more often than In-N-Out Burger. That’s my final verdict.
What about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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rockonblackops777 says:

In n out all the way

Vikingr Beerdserkr says:

Mark you are a smart guy, you basically hit the flavors on the head, the reason 5 guys isn’t as tasty is that they DON’T SEASON THE MEAT AT ALL! so what you mistake for “freshness” is actually just blandness 😛 It shows a lack of knowledge on the fundamentals of cooking on the part of the founders of 5 guy’s.

spiderfenix says:

The slow-mo bites. Not a bad touch. Pretty hilarious!

Greet dekeizer says:

For real fries you need to go to Belgium and taste some . You will never call those things fries again .

michael aghareza says:

Hey Mark I’m a new fan but have been watching for the past 8 months but I just saw that you did your five guys review in phoenix if you are still here you have to try (The Persian Room ) it’s shish kebab and real traditional Persian food it’s a great place with great atmosphere if you do decide to go let me know so I can anticipate your vlog on it.

RideThroughLife says:

You eat so much food! Are you some kind of athlete? Do you run? If it’s just genetics, I’m jealous. haha

Hulio Alvarez says:

How about doing a review on Hardees Frisco Burger if they do have a Hardees in Arizona??? I used to love that as a kid . No chains in the UK though …:(

Richard Rocha says:

In & out between those 2 but Farmer boys burgers are the best.

ThirtySixZed says:

5 guys for me

TheSuperRay says:

Everytime you take a bite I swear you’re about to lock your jaw lol

Kashmir says:

Double double toil and trouble.

Ermekids Hinojosa says:

try Whataburger the best

Adonna Howell says:

Five Guys is way over priced for what you get. Don’t believe the hype.

gunman nyell says:

i’m just worried that one of these days Mark will tilt his head so far that he’s going to smash his head in the table.

Timefortruelove says:

My burger from a San Diego location never looked that awesome !

BRAM TanVan says:


Fly Way says:

What a nice guy

Souvik Paul says:

Yum yum

dcat65 says:

He has the most whacked out eyes I’ve ever seen and he only has one reaction to everything he likes. Also, what is up with his accent??? Someone please explain to me why he draws out some words like that.

rajestri sewdass says:

Ying is so beautiful.. love your laugh says:

Id like to think that im a buger boy ! i Love Bugers !

Janet Wilham says:

I am glad I have a cassarole and a cobbler in the oven right now–because you are making me hungry-lol

Maung Moe says:

in and out for burgers and five guys for fries and I’m from Louisiana.

Eliel lima says:

Queria que você viesse ao Brasil aqui tem muita comida boa e de qualidade.

Yoon Kim says:

5 guys is greasy as hell and In n Out is just fastfood. Shake Shack hands down!

GamerSenpai says:

Dude the expression and enthusiasm in Every video always puts a smile on my face!! 🙂

J H says:

Habit burger is my favorite! but for fries, i would pick in-n-out.

DEEP ROY says:

love the background music

Racha Ester says:

Injoy your food

walid mezo says:

Whay you are talking too much …. slowly my brother

Amrita Saha says:

feeling hungry…. just awesome…

Francois Girbaud says:

RIP Mcdonald’s

Jonathan Hunter says:

You should have gotten animal style at In N Out and cajun fries at Five Guys!

CosmicExplorer says:

I ate at Five Guys in Vancouver. Expensive, but was pretty darn good.

MusicheadRick says:

Now try Gordon Ramsey’s, the F-word burger. you will never eat this soggy junk again.

Alex K says:

Its so weird seeing mark review food in America

Tino Tolentino says:

You coming to Los Angeles soon Mark?

Usomex Martin says:

Mark you have to try Checkers. There burger is the best

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