Is Burger King’s Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich Hot Enough?

I didn’t expect to make this video but Burger King’s commercial inspired me to try it out.


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Big Tuna says:

6:32 What would you do for the rest of that sandwich?

Slobber Knocker says:

Why do people have on him at least he’s not as bad as Joey’s world tour

drakopirate says:

daddy af

johnny popper says:

I cant believe this is the guy that bombed those 3 houses in texas

Robotic Celtic says:

Unwrapping such content must be one of the most important choices you considered in your constant heartbeats sequence.

Bryan Blake says:

You should probably start eating healthier, cut out the fast food. It will catch up to you in the long run.

drakopirate says:

im ur biggest fan

James Madril says:

rat face

TenThick Toenailz says:

What advice could you give to someone being bullied?

Toasted Gaming says:

Get more burguers and eat them pls

Dr Yoda says:

Burger King foot lettuce

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

Surprise review, help support the channel if you’re interested!

memes 55 says:

How can this guy drive

GG says:

This literally answers all my many questions about the sandwich.

DiyEcoProjects says:

*Hi there* just wanted to say, Dont worry about the haters, youre doing ok. Theres no such thing as normal! do as you damb well please… youve succeeded in standing out. Which is more than most of us do in this life.

Well done bro. BTW Id be interested in any spiritual views you may have, if youre into doing some of those videos.

All the best, cheers

artofbrowneyedgirl says:

I feel like I just found an easter egg while watching with captions on

Charles Engelbrecht-Schnür says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this review thanks you

Leo Ragsac says:

Ya sort of remind me of the Harold and Maude movie. Your food blogs do make me hungry and I do use your info.. Oh yea my dad had suits like you there are pretty cool.

Daniel Kobylianski says:

That burger literally has 3 pieces of lettuce on it wtf

Ketsa Official says:

I never thought I would ever just stare at someone eating a burger and have them analytically describe everything about it.

dai says:

i ate my spicy chicken sandwich while watching, this is on a whole knew level immersion. the true reviewbrah experience.

Aron Nuqui says:

Nice video

jaboi Jeff says:

love u man so much no homo tho

TheYear 1913 says:

Definitely a reptilian-human hybrid

bama pride says:

Dammmnnnn you deep throated that burger

Low Cut High Tops says:

did he just step out of a coffin?

Ketsa Official says:

Your’re transacting these perishable items as if they were material goods

Pareen Pattni says:

I watch trotw before I go to sleep.

nipply says:

Review gang Review gang Review gang Review gang Review gang Review gang
FooooooooD ReeeeeviewwwW

The Pro says:

I pray to you every night and day for my problems

Ariana Was Here says:

crispity crunch

Scott Mills says:

I wish my partner would look at me the way he looks at that burger!

vlaaatko stve says:

Wasn’t even planning on doing a review, already wearing a suit??????

Craig Phelps says:

Do you know the people who work at bk?

Joshua Aka says:

i actually love this guy hes so funny

nipply says:

are you related to the backpack kid?

Nate Kramer says:

2 time Olympic luge player

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