Is McDonald’s Bacon Smokehouse Burger Really That Smoky?

Today I try the newest release from McDonald’s, their Bacon Smokehouse Burger. How smoky is it though? I evaluate the situation and answer life’s most difficult question.




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looks like your enjoying it

Lexi Elizabeth says:

shelden from big bang theory lookin ass


Bought it. Omw home to eat it and watch this.

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

Only a sith deals in absolutes… I will do what I must. *draws lightsaber*

bye no says:

5:26 when you are watching porn on your laptop and your mom is about to enter the room

Redness Panda says:

Next you should do the $1 chicken burger at Wendy’s

Sertic - Designs says:

I bet he has a soccer mom

Shay Thompson says:

Man, that thing looks delicious

guiltless swivel says:

Nice review

John 117 says:

5:27 fuck u did that like a damn gremlin

Madeline Elizabeth says:


Mary Hughs says:

Thank you for your content. Much appreciated lil brother

john doe says:

the sandwich looks cold

Demented01 says:

Does he always slam close the boxes like that? XD

John Brown says:

The problem with these new so called sauce additions. They usually ruin everything, not a fan!

Dylan says:


Crazy Gabriel says:

5:27 “oh no mom’s here i have to close this website now!” lol HAHAH

Scott Cabrera says:

Is it me or does this guy seem he’s from the 40’s?

Comfey, Destroyer of Worlds says:

The heck was that at 5:26?

Nikolas Kroslak says:

Ok, dude, you are great but those fingers are so damn long. Also how the fluff are you so skinny, you don’t look like you exercise much and you review burgers, just how???

joshagosh says:

Dude I freaking love your accent, you should go to a costume party as a 1930’s gangster. lol

bsc24 says:

Bob Ross’s son

Ugandan Banana says:

Ludy ludy dah

Samuel Serrano says:

5:27 Creepy guy!

Cold Crush says:

lol the burger is wider than your head

Nikolas Kroslak says:

I love you, man

gerbie says:

I think I might actually be in love with you.

Cynthia Fritze says:

What was that end box up move?

Sam Vartanyan says:

Why isnt everyone like this now hella respect rotw

ElMute says:

TF 5:26

иван ивановский says:

and where do you hide the remnants of Bacon Smokehouse Burger Really That Smoky?

Burger King Foot Lettuce Is The Best says:

Hey reviewbrah, I have not been watching some of your new videos for some reason. Sorry about that. But still your videos are really great. Keep it up

izzy ravenlock says:

you seem like your a time traveler from the 50’s its awesome and it would have been cool if u said my nails ae long because im a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!! your Awesome do u have fb ? i would like to add you on my friends list please add m my name on fb is Artimea eve stone i hope you add me ty

Myles Johnson says:

Is two pieces of bread with a piece of bread inside a bread sandwich or just bread lol

Cynthia Fritze says:

Where’s your water?

LuxLux says:

11 minutes of a McDonalds sandwich, think about it

joseph Lediv says:

5:26 such a good sport, rat mode engaged.

austin borntrager says:

i got the burger and they forgot my onions

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