Is Taco Bell’s Triple Double Crunchwrap Any Better This Year?

Today I try the re-released Triple Double Crunchwrap from Taco Bell and I also provide a commentary regarding the state of Taco Bell overall.




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Jaime Plaza says:

Whats up with this??

Oliver Haywood says:

I know you’d rather not discuss the name, but perhaps triple double means triple the lettuce and double the nacho cheese? It’s pretty sad though. I really like Taco Bell, but they shouldn’t advertise things like this as being super grandiose when it’s barely any bigger than a standard Crunchwrap.

Scott's Gaming Banzai says:

Astute analysis as always! The folly of T-Bell continues. I’ve never found any of their crunchwraps very flavorful due to the large percentage of shell components. It drowns out even that thicc interior. More meat is indeed needed, though something like steak instead of watery ground beef.

Hugh G. Rekshun says:

I am going through a very very bad experience right now. Financial debt 10 feet above my head…my car broke down…I seriously injured my hand so I’m out of work…I have no food or money…I’ve been starving for the past week. But watching you eat and review a triple double crunchwrap means everything to me right now and makes me feel like I’m there with you…enjoying something that delicious. Thanks man.

Irish says:

Who else thinks he should get a P.O box and open stuff for vids?

219 Reaper says:

You are a very very very very very very very very very very very very nice person

Kid Sundance says:

Imma cut u in pieces

Hiro Shima says:

“it smells like dogfood”

Default boi Asian says:

Does the report of the week have autism

KalebTLT says:

Nooooooo, not wothout the sauce!

Kevin Waldron says:

I see his attack on the approach has improved greatly. Great job Lord Sir Bruh

Tom Fast says:

Absolute madness

calikokat100 says:

its time…go vegan

Shane Hawk says:

it’s never hard to find motivation for anything taco bell, one only needs the desire to have their bowels evacuated nigh immediately.

Danish Firhan says:

Am I the only one that hasn’t eaten a taco before?

legendofmudkip says:

He says it smells like dogfood…then still eats it

Connor R says:

Can you review the fortnite burger?

Scott Brady says:

let’s see what kind of PIZZA “report of the week” reviewbrah eats the net time a nationwide chain has a special: dare i say pepperoni?

N K says:

That does not look good man. The whole thing is sealed up. You can’t see what you’re eating.

Jan Dolanský says:

I love you please never stop making these videos.

Mains INC. says:

My legend is back.

Tyler Latham says:

Here in Alabama they have a Mexican pizza crunch wrap on the menu instead of the triple double.

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

Check out the newest VORW Radio show today on SoundCloud at or on 4840 kHz (4.840 MHz) shortwave this evening at 8 PM Eastern. Please keep this on the air by supporting via Paypal or Patreon

Uriah Mrache says:

My one problem with this God’s food reviews is that he waits soooo long to eat something that is intended to be eaten immediately. I tried one of these and ate it fresh and I couldn’t finish that delicious beast.

Kyle Wheeler says:

First off, I will never eat Taco Bell as long as I live, I would rather eat dirt than go to that unethical establishment. It doesn’t meet standards whatsoever, not even here in Louisiana. Sorry to everybody here who LOVES Taco Bell to bits, but that’s just my honest opinion. Also, just a quick question to TheReportOfTheWeek, why don’t you ever do your reviews inside anymore? I always thought your kitchen had such ambiance.

AndrewGwerdnA says:

When can I expect a reviewbrah collab with asmr creators?

GorillAh 96 says:

I’m more of a diablo guy myself

Kevan Smith says:

I had one today dine in in Gentilly. I was surprised when it came quickly and piping hot. I used diablo sauce. It was fantastic, and the melty cheese made it for me.

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