Is Wendy’s FREE Dave’s Single Burger Worth Downloading the App?

Today I try the Dave’s Single Burger from Wendy’s and let you know if it’s worth downloading the App for!




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steve rivers says:

He just talked this shity little wendy rat meat burger up so much…Wendy’s owes this dude some money!


none of the Wendy’s around me have online ordering.. well played Wendy’s

Danny Grime says:

You’re weird why are you dressed like that do you think your rich or something do you think your Smart I just see attention seeker

CEO of Youtube says:

Ive never had any of Daves burgers from wendy’s

Bill Schlafly says:

Burgers are ok…the fries suck ass. No thanks!

DiegoArts says:

He looks like the backpack kid

aspeters44 says:

Thanks John. It’s my Bday and I’m watching you. Godspeed my friend

Noelia says:

this guy is ART

That one guy says:

Thanos review brah

Causal says:

Are you God?

Penny borad Kids says:


Armourdylo 68 says:

I love how every single comment is positive. I think he cured cancer

BustaCap X8 says:

what car does he drive, A Prius?

PinkSausage ! says:


George Austers says:

Can’t you just make thousands of ketchup orders?

WithoutHesitation says:

i love his videos lol.

i would smoke a fat blunt with this man

Judah Wilkin says:

why are his fingernails so long? does he play guitar or something? no hate reviewbrah is god.

uh jeff says:

You fit like all characters I make up in my mind. And also a wide age range. You look like 3 billion people. Idk how to explain it lol

Lord Gunther says:

Free burger fam idk

Bailey Brian says:

6:34 is everything

panos kon says:

Probably my favourite outfit so far

Wez says:

I didn’t realize young Tom Riddle liked Wendy’s

Caleb Howard says:

When did Scarce start doing food reviews?

Matthew Wells says:

I’d honestly be heartbroken if anything happened to him

Buck Futtler says:

thauthy thandwich.

Stubby's Vapes And Variety says:

You can take The Man Out of Class!!!……. But, You can’t take the Class out of the Man!!!!!

RandomFandom says:

Mann you should do food taste reviews with Food traveling vlogger Mark Weins!! Both you guys have such an amazing way of talking about foods and how it tastes. DO IT!!!!!!!! It will be the best food collab this century!!!!

SuperAKA23 says:

3:32 never seen someone rush into a parking space like that for fast food

Natalie Hughes says:

Wendy’s creature

CoolNate 38 says:

Im a beatles fanatic

Milotis says:

I’ve only been to Wendy’s once lmao

Rob Horton says:

you should go under contract for the yum brand as a promotional god


I’ll download the app, get the burger and then delete the app.

Mimic Viruss says:

6:32 Gtfo Wendy

quete inrpot says:

You guys watched Insidious ? Where if you dwelve too deep into the astral realm thingy, some spirit can sort of “kidnap” your body ? I Think ReviewBrah went a little to far, and now his body is under the control of a 300 year old spirit, just, driving around, experiencing the modern world’s cuisine, and sharing his knowledge with us.

Kevin C says:

love this channel. im always on the road and pressed for time…its great to know what fast food is decent and a,good deal.

AvenueD417 says:

notice how Wendys switched back to white onions? i hated the red onions. they should bring back the original biggie fries

Tyler Kriz says:

That haunted mansion bag in the back tho

kenlab77 says:

Wendy’s is always overkill with the sauces on the burgers. They are so proud of that. Any requests for less sauce is heard as you want double.

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

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Mr. Wyatt says:

Reviewbrah, what do you eat between videos? also, what kind of car do you drive?

Shawn Marino says:

I’m downloading the app no matter what.

Ivan Emma says:

I can already imagine this guy in his old age

TFA devon says:

Ur a rat

Luis Javier Tudela Ghersi says:

Damn You look like the typical guy bullying kids in the Church lmao

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