Is Wendy’s New Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Worth A Dollar?

Today I try out the new Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s Dollar Menu. In the process of this review, I drop the sandwich due to overwhelming excitement.




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DLilly says:

3:11 Mission failed. We’ll get’em next time

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

Hi everyone, sorry for the reupload. There were some serious technical issues with the video loading the last time – if this is still happening please contact YouTube and let them know!

Poopah says:

i wish i had those subs :/

Katie Burgess says:

Every single one of your videos makes me cry

Katie Burgess says:

*30 seconds of silent chewing*

Jacob says:

Cheese does not belong on a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich PERIOD!

stewart Benavidez says:

Please review the Carl’s junior thickburger

James Blake says:

ReviewBrah you are awesome.

G Diddy says:

Did you just set the bun on your console and then eat it afterward?

Kaleb_ Gearhart says:

It’s strange because when I think your joking your completely serious like in your rating and review

Justin Title says:

I survived the great lettuce landslide of 2018

Kobi ! says:


Megacharzard10 Gameing says:

Thank you

Jason Smith says:

Please cut ur nails

Juan Hernandez says:

when he was like “what does it taste like ?” answer taste like car seat lol …. dude love your videos

B Menyo says:

Ohhh no !!
Ohhh man !!

Jacob Paleschic says:

I must say that I am a huge fan. I wonder though, if it is worth 10+ minutes of anyone’s time to find out if this sandwich is worth their dollar.

Kevtron9000 says:

Dude you’re going to snap any minute. I see it in your micro spasms homie. Love you keep pimpin

David Barton says:

I got this sandwich. It’s more tangy sour than buffalo sauce. I say 5/10 for dollar menu standards. (They are comically sad xD)

katy says:

Love this man

Ringo says:

I am watching this at 1 am and I’m hungry now. I am also vegetarian so that’s…great

Lindsey Christmas says:

this episode seemed deep in Subliminal hand signs and illuminati ticks and movements .

Tim Cook says:

I must’ve used the invisible post it notes

Jordyn Elliott says:

Thanks for the review! I saw like 5 commercials for it and was wondering what it was like!! Thanks!!

Random80085 says:

does this guy still not have a house?

Michael Stark says:

You know, I can actually fall asleep to his videos. I really like that about this guy.

Anthony Hernandez says:

have you ever seen %100 percent chicken breast meat sandwich

Anthony Hernandez says:

his hand shaking this dude definetly had a lot of coffee

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