JET’S PIZZA ☆DEEP DISH MUKBANG w/Daughter☆ Food Review!!!

We got the X-LARGE DEEP DISH with Cheese and Bold Pepperoni that Sarah challenged me to eating with her! Her FIRST TIME eating JET’S PIZZA! What a great time we had while she visited Denver, Colorado and we checked out the JET’S SWAG they sent me!

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PNR Comp Guy says:

Fantastic co-daughter revue, Justin you’re da man, but ones with your daughter are just that much better, great compliment to your schtick! Keep it real bro and lady!

Steve Wegworth says:

Napkins, check!! Don’t use the shirt Justin, that’s a Joey move!!

Critical Eats Japan says:

Call it a draw… 😉

Doane Ponder says:

I absolutely LOVE Jets Pizza but I need some pizza or garlic butter dipping sauce with mines cuz that makes it that much better!

MrRamayr98 says:

2:22…Sarah says what???

Dank Strain says:

Justin you can’t even eat pineapple I thought you were allergic!


damn justin you are savage you need to try a deep fried pickle pizza

Aaron Fowler says:

Their BBQ chicken pizza is killer

AvenueD417 says:

Wow, you’re daughter is beautiful. God bless her

anarchyonline0 says:

pizza looked cold from the beginning

Manny's Book Bag says:

If that’s Michigan pizza, you treated it like it was on its revenge tour. O-H-I-O!

Lil Ferrari Percocet says:

Senior in high school?

Ladies and gentlemen, we got ‘em.
I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, why don’t you go ahead and take a seat right there.

Kurtis Watts says:

This guy reminds me of the actor in step brothers

Michael Nelson says:

Pineapple is amazing on pizza!!!

metthem88 says:

*FIRST BITE; dainty bite*

mcgrill loven says:

Love the vibe you bring man 😀

Nick Dorsey says:

i appreciate the lack of mid video ads even on a longer video! lol

Arun James says:

Jets pizza is the bomb


She’s is a beautiful snow bunny that’s for sure

lucas mcquillan says:

She didn’t even stand a chance hope you guys are still having a great time love to see her in the videos keep up the good work I love Jets deep dish pepperoni pizza that’s my favorite

Chris M. says:

You’re the best

Mr. Miller says:

Jason, is little caesars better than jets?

Weedy 3rd says:

Aye my man Justin, you have to try the bbq chicken pizza. It’s The best pizza they have

NotSnarl says:

I always liked Jet’s and Cottage Inn. Yummy pizza.

Aja Halder says:

The thumbnail made me think that your daughters jacket actually said Big Bite and im just saying i would buy that you should make merch

moonbloom 1988 says:

I’d smash his daughter ngl

Henry Alfonso says:

Do a healthy food review !

Steve Moran says:

Hey Justin you have to get the chicken Parmesan pizza from Jets

jim80NES says:

gotta love when the pepperoni cups up like that…cheers

Native hatchet says:

More father daughter competitions, great videos!

Arun James says:

his daughter is hot

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