I’m eating ALL 4 FLAVORS of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s NEW ☆CRISPY COLONEL SANDWICHES☆ Entire Menu! Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, Smoky Mountain BBQ and Original! NOW AVAILABLE as a Sandwich or in a $5 Fill-Up!!!

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Danil Septian says:

Hmm im hungry now

Clarence Boddicker says:

you’re the only guy who reviews the entire menu and for that you’ll get my personal thumbs up.

Ryan Parish says:

Have a good week Justin!

1867224 says:

J’ai Faim

Mario Faker says:

You’re going to need a bra soon for those man tits.

Sohail Shoja says:

Is this out nationwide? Also, it’s not on the Site..

Brett N says:

i can hear the crunch!! woohoo!!

lucas mcquillan says:

Awesome awesome review Thanks for doing a all no one let him know they just did the regular one I think I’ll try the Smoky Barbecue

Deathhybr1ds says:

Nice review man. Keep up the positive and lively charisma!

skull clot says:

Disliked. The excessive indulgence delivered during the big bite was ridiculously messy 🙂

snydesy says:

What’s the difference between this and a “Big Crunch”??
If you have Big Crunch down there?

Critical Eats Japan says:

Haha, pickles for Ken 😉 But damn, you did them all! Nice! I would have probably chosen the Nashville Hot or Georgia Gold… though I’ve never tried any of them… yet. Another great review!

Flying Nimbus says:

Love the Ken plug.

CJ Cutter says:

Colonel Justin!

Ed T says:

Big bite!!

Amos Presley says:

Loving that content Yo…

Chris Wilson says:

Mayo and pickles? Gross

Strung Out says:

Dude you really go all out. I think you’re the only reviewer that did all four. You rock!

John Drinks says:

Well now I’m hungry. Subscribed!

S Verlander says:

I tried the original one the other day and I was not impressed. First off the one I got seemed a lot smaller than the ones you got and it was just not that good. I don’t see how anyone could even compare it to a chick-fil-a but I will give them another chance with one of the other 3 flavors. Even Peep THIS Out! could not believe how small it was and RDR FOOD REVIEW’S said the same thing.

WilsonEatsASMR says:

I tried out the original today and it looked about 1/2 the size of your sandwiches. I was ripped. 🙁


That looks bomb

normanjablonski says:

I click for the intro, I stay for the B I G B I T E

P L says:

4 sandwiches…how are you still alive?

SterrShow says:


Xboxstang 0124 says:

Wow looks awesome, tried tomorrow at lunch break, thanks justin!

Phantomb says:

He seriously looks so much like John C. Reilly

yblu10 says:

You’re my favorite food reviewer you eat and review with passion u seem to enjoy it and you’re so funny much love brother!

Trevor Martin says:

LOL Ken Domik pickles haha

Frank G says:

Now that’s how you take a bite !

Yorkie Terrier Family says:

Keep eating your heart out. Love it. Do one with a bunch of people nearby that you can see in background. See how people react to a guy having lunch with his steering wheel.

Ryan Craven says:

I think you and Joey are competing for the grossest eater on YouTube bro.

LordMalloon says:

love the shirt buddy 😉

Derpycat Plays Games says:

5:10 Bless You

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