KFC® ☆KIDS MEAL!☆ Food Review!!!

Kentucky Fried Chicken® (KFC) has a ☆KIDS MEAL!☆ and I’m checking it out…as a grown up!!!

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cyoohoos says:

I would have LOVED to see your daughter review that. I’m giggling just thinking about her reaction. Can’t wait for your collab with NumberSixWithCheese. Happy New Year!!!

FAST Food Pit Stops says:


Clarence Boddicker says:


itzquiffer says:

Please do: WENDY’S KIDS MEAL (2 pc. Chicken Tenders). It’s pretty legit!!!

evi_dence760 says:

Use the Capri sun pouch.

cyoohoos says:

Caprisun = old school KOOL-AID. They just left out the Red Dye #40.

SabyToes says:


Rafael Gaitan says:

Work on your kids meal KFC!

Ice Dragon says:

Hi!!! I do love the fried chicken drumsticks!!!Taste crunchy and yummy!!! But I can’t eat it anyway!!! Happy new year and Happy holidays!! See you in 2018 anytime!!

Minder says:

Nice review Justin lol, I would have been pissed if they didn’t give me a fork

Strung Out says:

There’s really no point of ever getting this. 5 dollar fill ups for the win!

Tyler Makes Videos says:

I thought it was illegal to buy a kids meal without a kid.

Deaf Gordon says:

“Dat chicken doe”

Thomas Curry says:


BFS says:

Can you please turn down the crunch because I’m sleeping right now

Marshmallow Productions says:

Do McDonald’s kids meal

Pablo Garcia says:

1st like !!!

WilsonEatsASMR says:

that really is a rip by KFC. The normal $5 dollar box meals are much better value. Loved the review..Happy New Year!

Edward Ross says:

“Happy ending right in the mouth!” 🙂 hahahhaha

Sig Shooter says:

Damn, you ‘d have to remove that sharp toothpick thing that’s on that drumstick

Critical Eats Japan says:

As far as kids meals go, poor little Johnny…

FAST Food Pit Stops says:

Kentucky Fried Chicken® (KFC) has a ☆KIDS MEAL!☆ and I’m checking it out…as a grown up!!!

Mr. Graves says:

Too much crunch

Cash Shane says:

I’ve def been there where you have to use the lid lol good stuff man keep up the good work

Tender Sheep says:

Mmmm moist legs!

Homer Herald says:

Lol, great and funny review.

Aleix Browne says:

I heard the crunch from England

j- dub says:

I’ve been watching your videos for a while………..and let’s be honest here.  It’s about time you got the kids meal.

Paid Shill says:

they sure know how to ripp off kids

Hdsnlprk says:

Ur food reviews are so refreshing! Glad I found ur channel today..I subed instantly!

The Earrapist says:


julian9729 says:

That’s a creepy ass thumbnail

Props says:

I wish I had money to eat like this:(

CheckThatForYou says:

wow nice channel 😀 im have food channel to 😀

Eric Weirath says:

that’s messed up. no toy ! guess they also think kids eat with their fingers. no spork!

DansJets says:

That’s why KFC is going down hill, Chik fil a and Canes just wipes them out. They cannot compete anymore, they have lost it.

Spicoli P says:

this shit sucks, shitty new year kfc.

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