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KFC (the name was originally an initialism for Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States (US). It is the world’s second largest restaurant chain overall (as measured by sales) after McDonald’s, with over 18,000 outlets in 120 countries and territories as of December 2012. The company is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, a restaurant company that also owns the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurant chains.
KFC was founded by Harland Sanders, an entrepreneur who began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression. Sanders identified the potential of the restaurant franchising concept, and the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchise opened in Utah in 1952. KFC popularized chicken in the fast food industry, diversifying the market by challenging the established dominance of the hamburger. By branding himself as “Colonel Sanders,” Harland became a prominent figure of American cultural history, and his image remains widely used in KFC advertising. However, the company’s rapid expansion saw it overwhelm the ageing Sanders, and in 1964 he sold the company to a group of investors led by John Y. Brown, Jr. and Jack C. Massey.
KFC was one of the first fast food chains to expand internationally, opening outlets in England, Mexico and Jamaica by the mid-1960s. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, KFC experienced mixed fortunes domestically, as it went through a series of changes in corporate ownership with little or no experience in the restaurant business. In the early 1970s, KFC was sold to the spirits distributor Heublein, who were taken over by the R.J. Reynolds food and tobacco conglomerate, who sold the chain to PepsiCo. The chain continued to expand overseas however, and in 1987 KFC became the first Western restaurant chain to open in China. The chain has since expanded rapidly in China, which is now the company’s most profitable market. PepsiCo spun off its restaurants division as Tricon Global Restaurants, which later changed its name to Yum! Brands.
KFC’s original product is pressure fried chicken pieces, seasoned with Sanders’ recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

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Beau says:

Ken, just out of curiosity I’m wondering how often you get doctor check ups? All of this fast food over the course of nearly a decade just can’t be good for your health. I just want to make sure we can expect more videos for the for see-able future.

Kenny Tran says:

You look like a god with that beard

rub one out rosie says:

ken please stop it with the scratch it sniff it, its so stupid.

Matthew Wilson says:

I’m liking the looks of it.

Attila K says:

White trash canadian version… no excuse!

CANADAOUI كنداوي says:


Sig Shooter says:

Wow, those tenders look thin

Peter Galligan says:

Go patriots

ATCkeepsUsafe says:

I am so full of eating Ethels sphegetthi and meatballs at this point, that seeing any food videos will make me puke. There is just so much food i could see when I have a full stomach that i will puke. Please excuse from your vid.

Shoenice Rocks says:

May I ask why you care so much about the stupid receipt ? Is it for some kinda tax write off stuff lol ? Thats funny if so.

richard TeQo says:

Hell no that bisquit looked like the desert

Doomtrigger says:

I thought these tasted like hot piss

Andres Garza says:

I like how clean you are when you eat

Rman Nayr says:

WOAH……………………………………………………………………………………… NELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Torres says:

Yes Amherst is a suburb of buffalo

puppy cat says:

I’d be a sad day if Ken retired from you tube! And I think you’d all agree!

Kevin Supertramp says:

Thanks Ken, keep up the good work.

o ABO-3ABD-3 says:

I am watching you from saudi arabia 🙂 7:39

Amadeus says:

I’d give Ken’s videos a hail hitler out of ten queefing hoes.

Kathy Coughlan says:

love your reviews helps to see what you think before i try these ty Ken 🙂

Wake says:

Wow views really down on this video…. what are youtube doing to peoples videos….KBD must really be struggling to make good money these days

pokemon101 says:

Hey Ken u should do a burger fuel mukbang with ben and jerry’s ice cream.

Toxic says:

6:06 the exhaust in the background <3

KBDProductionsTV says:

Fridays show will be Burger Kings NIGHTMARE KING SANDWICH review, stay tuned!

chroncile says:

Got a bit excited thinking KFC has finally released something good here in Canada until you said you’re in New York. Fast food in Canada pales in comparison to that of the USA. BTW Ken, you should review Popeye’s Chicken naked tenders. Those were the best when they were still available in Canada.

Marie Frances Janedoe says:

Biscuits are very delicate & yes they would break apart like that.

Franky Benitez says:

Why are u always late on the new items now? Ur late to the party

Stoop Kid says:

Hi ken , can I post my link to my new YouTube food review channel in your comments ?

Kuro Von Einzbern says:

Your reviews make me not able to wait til i get to my husband in Vancouver o3o I can’t wait to eat so much of the food at the places you have reviewed

Brett A says:

Oh man…the options!! Restaurants that don’t exist back home, beef on weck, killer wings. You need to spend a month there.

Suzanne Steed says:

Ken, go to McDonald’s in the states they have chicken tenders sauced and are out of this world ! Do it!

Makeitso Falonaburgerman says:

I have to ask for pickles and most the time I still don’t get them. KFC service is ass-tastic.

Saltlakrits says:


Joe M says:

Another awesome Ken food review! You’re the best Ken!

King Lowe says:

These diffrent angles throwing me off my nigga lol

MVLGUS says:

fuck you kenny I’M BACK

naz says:

This fella just doesn’t know how to do a simple drive-thru order, every time it’s so cringey or complicated. “CAN I PLEASE TRY YOUUUURRRRRRR…” Yeah buddy, relax.

badabingmike says:

Cashier gave you an extra dollar.

CJ Cutter says:

NY welcome Ken!

akang19981 says:

Do triple o’s!!!

juradoman2 says:

KBD game on point…Bills Jersey on like your Fred Durst!


On the poll i choose indifferent because of the spice but i give it 3 out of 5 stars for the rest of the hot honey chicken

Micah Weiss says:



May we have 4:20 pm hunger alert sometime

Chon Hernandez says:

Where can i get one of those trays?????? Send the link please brother.

fullsend zewler says:

jipped you on the pickles. usually there is a few in there on the “flavor of the south” dishes.

Barry Celtic says:

He always talks to the fast food worker like hes part of the video “I’ll do the chicken tenders, can I do fries, i’ll do a pepsi”.

ras124 says:

The Bills, he he he

Aaron Wilson says:

And Amherst New York is kind of close to buffalo I think it’s a hour or two from buffalo isn’t and did you know that Rob Gronkowskis hometown is Amherst New York?

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