KFC $2.50 CHIPS AND GRAVY FOOD REVIEW – Greg’s Kitchen – Fast Food Friday

Fast food Friday food review time again, and today l check out the KFC $2.50 special on their fries, let’s see how big they are, see if they are good value for money, and give them a score out of 10!

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King Chrome says:

Wat crack is he on

G says:

technically 😀

redwane hamida says:

You look like Sean Bean, Greg.

Daniel dtmliao says:

Hi Greg, do u now live on the Gold Coast instead of Brisbane?

Doge says:

The advertise on the fries box look like gergo made it

lunarpking says:

This guy is more American than I am.

Kim Nielsen says:

KFC gravy tastes really plain in my opinion. Red Rooster gravy is where it’s at.

TheBundychick82 says:

I think I’m going to pass on that you should get a large chips not two small ones they be ok if you have a friend with u and u eat one and give your friend the gravy still a great review Greg thank you

Ken Givens says:

Don’t have that here in Long Beach California. 🙁

burplecow says:

why didnt you take them back in, and show them the flippy floppy fries? Id of told them you were doing a review video to post on youtube, you probably would of got what they advertised 🙂

alex buffett says:

bro youre on the wrong side of the road!

Anthony King says:

Im sorry Greg you had a bad day and you got ripped off, better luck next time.

Roger says:

You are unbearably lovely, good sir. Joyous smile and atmosphere.

matt n says:

how the hell is he supposed to eat that like proper chips and gravy

Kerry Chaney says:

8 to out of 10

slientkill li says:

so a 50 cent australian coin is 4 times larger than a 2 dollar coin, how does that make sense

PopTart says:

Hey Greg, I know your interactive with comments so give me a like and reply. (if you want to)

Nickgunson says:

u need to go into the restaurant to get the big box

Felix Yi says:

lol chip needs Viagra. lmao

nicholas clarke says:

Greggo, is your theme song on iTunes yet or what?!

David Kalnins says:

“I haven’t had KGC chips and gravy for years and years” – hey Greg – I expect thats why you are still around to entertain us 🙂

RiSk says:

Ong that kiwi thing kill me xD

RankedSoloque says:

grey looks like some kind of a cereal killer from dexter tv show

Red Pill says:

KFC doing tabasco chicken promo in Aus – review!

Adam Goodlet says:

I’m from new zealand

marias big apple says:

I would have done a lap and gone back into that drive thru lane and asked why my chips didn’t look like the advertised product ie. one box. Then asked for a re-do – yes even for a $2.50 meal. You didn’t really have the option of pouring that gravy over the top. Glad you didn’t change your 6/10 score.

matt n says:

this guy is so happy and positive. nice upbeat videos.

GenuineLizard says:


He lives in Palm Beach Currumbin, I know as I have been down this road thousands of times.

those gains aint loyal bra says:

Are you sure your not LA BEAST his father ?

craig tiffany says:

Cheap as chips.

Cricket Blaster says:

I thumbed up cause I felt sad for u

Eddie Campbell says:

he was so excited to.

PindrA says:

What i love about Greg is his attitude towards everything. He always seems happy. Love it. Keep it up 🙂

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