KFC Famous Bowl $5 Fill Up – Fast Food Review – Full Nelson Eats A Lot

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Elizabeth Rickard says:

Dang I haven’t had this in a long long time but I co sign. And, yeah, the biscuit would be overkill lol.

Richard Lopez says:

The chicken bowl is what I get there 99% of the time.Even better when I get it home and get some Louisiana hot sauce on it.Takes it to another level of flavor.You WILL thank me for that tip when you try it yourself.

Exit Strategy says:

Boom Boom Boom hottest Mother Fucker. Love peace and Taco Grease

Mark H says:

This type of channel is so over now. Yawn.

yprice850 says:

I love the bowl. I always get it without corn. The bowl is very filling so you don’t need sides

The Real Frisco says:

I can eat 3 of those bro! Lol

TwoFaceEnt says:

BOOM! I’m not a mash potatoes kind of guy, but I like baked potatoes and fries, go figure LOL! I know it’s strange, right? BUT!!!! I still clicked, watched and liked to support you my brother.
Respect – Fred

Jessica Espinosa says:


Floyd Waters says:

Love the bowl! Best way to spend 5 bucks, will fill up the tank. I always get extra gravy for the mash! Gravy baby boom

Rissa says:

I would’ve ate whatever you didnt finish im so hungry and its 4 am.

Kasey Garza says:

Have you tried the 4.99 deal from jack, it’s a chicken sandwhich

David Salazar says:

No bite cam….I’m out

Kasey Garza says:

Looks pretty good

FitAngie says:

Wow Australia doesn’t have this at KFC, that looks awesome

Rissa says:

I think the kid needs a bite!

Ricky Martinez says:

Where that bite cam game tho?

Tender Sheep says:

You’re the host that eats the most Aaron Sanchez. I’m still confused why you call yourself Full Nelson.

Lance Tieger says:

I give you credit. You held your composure with the kid in the background.

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