NEW! Kentucky Fried Chicken ☆DOUBLE CRISPY COLONEL SANDWICH☆! Get ready, because you’re gonna need both hands to get a grip on these buns. Oh, yeah! It’s that BIG and CRUNCHY. And with two filets of fresh fried chicken—double-breaded and perfectly fried on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside—that means twice the extra crispy, crunchy, golden goodness!

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Chuck Daly says:

You are on track to borrow pants from Joey…

Zack F says:

mayo only? Booooorrrrinnnggg. Put some garlic in there, some sriracha, SOMETHING for god’s sake!

Graffix says:

Lmao 5:14, did they forget napkins? Pretty typical, soon they’ll start charging for them..

Wilkinson dude says:

Ur so amazing

acerlabtop says:

Wait what the fuck? Fast food closing on sundays?

Amos Presley says:

Man, me be loving. When you take those massive big bites?

bshapiro11 says:

Thanks for shouting out which location you were at, that parking lot is always packed… Would love to see you do the whole gamut of sauce offerings. Have you done any Good Times reviews yet?

Koolaid2Packs says:


Michael Pegues says:

Just curious Justin, who did tend the chicken coops back in the day?

Alex Struck says:

Just curious, why haven’t you reviewed KFC’s pickle fried chicken? You reviewed all their other promotional flavors.

Ryan Parish says:

Minus the mayo, that looked pretty damn good Justin.

Nate says:

Why point out the racial thing about it man? LOL

Banana Dance Games says:

They should make a spicy version, even though you can get hot sauce on it. It’s not the same.

ButNot As says:

Yo i was just watching joeys world tour & i was like hollup……fast food pit stops…click lmao Luv u man keepit cumin!

Adam Opal says:

Ain’t fooling nobody with that final big bite my man, I’ve been here since the nashville hot episode on day 1, could have fit three times that bite!

Thomas Ciesla says:

Like you reviews! Have you tried Torchy’s yet, on Broadway?

Krazy Shady says:

Canadians who round up pennies? Canada doesn’t even have pennies anymore lol

Danny G says:

Gold is good. . . Great vid. . . I’m hungry

MrDTowns Finest says:

Man I gotta try that sandwich with the Finger Lickin’ sauce, it’s my favorite too… Gotta have some wedges though as well lol

lucas mcquillan says:

Amazing sandwich awesome video keep up the good work thumbs up big bite

Patrianna Ferris says:

‘murica’s best. Haaaaa. BIG BITE!!

ButNot As says:

YO LIT!!!! U SAID MY NAME!! How lit & rare! This episode is special

John Smith says:

Is he related to shoenice?

Dean Mitchell says:

WHOLE menu!!!!!!!!!! awesome

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