KFC New! ☆HOT HONEY CHICKEN☆ Food Review!!!

NEW! Kentucky Fried Chicken ☆HOT HONEY CHICKEN☆! I got mine in the 5pc Hot Honey Chicken Tenders Meal with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy and a Biscuit. These are coated-and-loaded with a sweet-n-heat combination packed with spices and flavors so unique you will have to hear my review! No joke, this will change your life! BIG BITE!!!

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Cam Howe says:

Justin, Wendys has a new salad called the Harvest Chicken Salad you should review this for your next food review! Amazing vids as always bud Keep up the amazing work! Could i have a shoutout next vid

Divine Dollars says:

I had it today and it was TRASH.

christopher swinson says:

Where did you get the chain please tell me I want one so bad

Sig Shooter says:

I dated a hot honey before. She was a bitch 😛

lesryglfohser says:

dude you look the exact same as john c reily how many times you hear that before

Amos Presley says:

_Please, put it between 2 slices of bread. Like that biscuit._

Tony Watch says:

Thumbnail on point

Critical Eats Japan says:

I’m missing out on all the Colonel’s amazing creations

Trippy Larry says:

Damn… they don’t play at ur KFC

tro5k says:

did you bring your own silverware? hahaha

aj42311 says:

I did not know John C. Reilly did food reviews.

Black Koshinomi says:

I like the new Black tray it came in ! That alone is making this worth the money !

Danny R says:

Those tenders look like the bomb times your mom BIG BITE! Definitely checking those out

Thomas R says:

The sound The sound. Justin crunching all around

Luis Cerda says:

Shake n Bake

GetABag Bitch says:

Looks great ,again never get tired of that BALLER chain brother

John Copeland says:

Man, I won’t lie to you, I don’t watch until I see a KFC review. But, as soon as I see one, the binge is on. Much love, keep it going.

patrick speers says:

LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

chadwickmoffitt says:

Joey got screwed on his hot honey!!! WOOOOOWOOOOOO

john jackson says:

You know we love it, hopefully not the last bite

Amos Presley says:

*Like damn, wow that seems even sounds tasty. Guessing? I should get me some tonight.*

TheoryBrown says:

great review! How does this compare to the “sweet heat” flavor at Popeyes?

Mike R says:

Nice Justin! I’m glad we rebounded from those nasty nachos that got a 3 the other day!!!

Snap Johnson says:

They messed up joeys hot and honey chicken

Kianna Williams says:


big C reviews and more says:

Great video as always justin #bigbite

He gotta Gun says:

Have u ever done a review that u didn’t act like it was the best thing ever ???

Daniel Gezalian says:

fuck im hungry now

Cali Girl says:

No Colesaw?

CJ Cutter says:

Justin Big Bite this looks delicious!

100 pennys says:

I tried it. The sauce has a rotten garbage smell and taste to it. Never again

Kalios says:

I wish Australia had this but we had a special fried chicken that was Tabasco fried chicken that was pretty good and great vid like always …..pin me 🙂

Jeremy Jenkins says:

Justin Ive been watching you since the start of this channel. All your stuff is the best and I am always happy to see a new video each week. Keep doing those big bites buddy

teamSHiTpiG says:

Nice thumbnaLL

Aboubakre fofana says:

The Georgia gold

Stephen McDonough says:

Smokey Mountain BBQ

Essco Lab says:

knowing KFC this will be the lowest grade honey on the planet (if it really is honey and not some sickly corn syrup with honey flavoring)

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