KFC New! ☆SPICY FAMOUS CHICKEN BOWL☆ Available as a $3 standalone star or in the $5 FILL UP with more food than you can handle. Popcorn chicken drizzled in Nashville Hot sauce on top of loaded mashed potatoes, sweet corn, brown crazy and cheese. It’s a BIG BOWL for a BIG BITE!!!

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CJ Cutter says:

Happy New Years Justin! I need this ASAP!

Freddie Foxx says:

KFC has burgers??? Did i see that wrong?

Erik The Red says:

Those people next need to mind their own door step: it baffles me some people cant let you enjoy your meal

Genis 85 says:

Bah,buh,bah,buh,buh,buh Big Bite.

Marquis Hiru says:

This man says Nashville hot one more time my g someone is dying no cap.

Whats in Michaels Bag. says:

Fab show just subscribed matey

oy59 says:

hope they still have it in february!


Do your kid know what you do on a Monday afternoon for about an Hour in your car

BigjohnSVT says:

These famous bowls would be good with KFC’s Smokey Mountain BBQ and Georiga Gold Chicken inside of them!

D M says:

no balls hanging out in this vid….disappointed (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Dhalvid says:

KFC.. the new Hepa-A mecha

Ashley Kowalski says:

I love the KFC Famous Bowls!! I haven’t tried this one yet but I’m definitely going to for 3 dollars! Happy New Year Justin!!

Freddie Foodie King says:

For 3 bucks its a steal. So good with the spice

Panda says:

Watch out for your health.

Oscilla Williams says:

Are you married?? Happy New year to you!!!

Mr FSU says:

Another Great Video!!!!!!!

Adam says:

I need this now.

pat malloy says:

I’m about to grab one now couldn’t make up my mind now it’s made up . Lincense amd registration suspended for some bullllllshit but I’m hungry

Ralph The Bulldog says:

if Randy Quaid and John C Reilly had a love child.

K MAD88 says:

6:35 what was that -.-

Derek says:

kfc has gone down hill most locations where I am are closed or getting ready to

Shawn Jackson says:

It’s not even spicy.

hardworkingtaxpayer says:

5 dolls holla it’s a steal

Martina Lola fraser says:

Looks so yummy way better then ares in canada alberta lol

flying phantom470 says:

Great review!

Laetitia Gallant says:

You tAlk too much. Annoying.

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