KFC Pickle Fried Chicken – Fast Food Review – Full Nelson Eats A Lot

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Chris De Anda says:

Comparable to Chick-fil-a??? When I saw the sandwich I thought of Chick-fil-a right away.

FeedDaZeke CowBoysFan says:

Good vid but very laggy

K Dizzle says:

I had KFC for lunch I had the Nashville hot sandwich was yummmmy lol and the fast quality is good but I wish the camera was set up so we can see the food on the table

Shane Does Shrimp says:

i know its BASIC but can you review the potato bowl tho

Jr Ramos says:

Enjoying all your uploads my guy, put me in a good mood. Keep it up!

GillFilms says:

Sandwich looks like heart disease ✌


………i like the full blown ones…….this looks like the shit we put out ….one take little production shows put we don’t care……i like it when your up and booming……….josh

Jessica Espinosa says:

I hate pickles. Cant stand them. Ill try it out for you though. If i hate it….ill tell

Maxine lopez says:


The Lunch Files says:

Man, everyone is eating this today! :). I’m at home nursing my mouth after the dentist today…but I’m gonna have to try that sandwich later this week. :). I think the review looks pretty good from just your phone…the closeups look good too…I do like your editing though….maybe just mix it up and do a little of both.

Oscar Ventura says:

I kinda like the faster uploads :))

Miss Wo says:

Did I see you on a commercial or was I high AF?

Elizabeth Rickard says:

I mean at the end of the day aren’t we all just looking to get our pickle tickled? ;P I agree about the bread. They seem to use standard grocery store product which works well with their hefty size of chicken since it’s really just a vehicle to make it portable. Nice breakdown. Had to check you out from Whitfield’s…. Subbed! 🙂

Exit Strategy says:

Your reviews always Tickle my Pickle

Rob oozer says:

now thats supper! need to hit up der Wienerschnitzel again and try the chicago and junkyard dog

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