KFC vs. Popeyes – Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test!

KFC vs. Popeyes – Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test!
y’all this is the fried chicken #food competition you were waiting for! I’ve never had popeyes before so i decided to put it in a video with KFC! which fast food did i like more? watch to find out! i tried the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, and a lot more! thank you guys for watching my food review!


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Theonlyghostwithnoname says:

the popeyes in my home town sucked so bad nobody would eat it and we lived in the deep south, so it ruined popeyes for me and i have never gone to them since moving. i also usually just choose kfc cu they have mac n cheese

Flo says:

you should’ve got popeye’s cajun fries, they are ICONIC

Yesenia G Anguiano says:

But but but Church’s tho 🙁

Stephanie Rios says:

I ❤ popeyes

Brittany Schex says:

I’m from Louisiana. Popeyes will always win.

myabadass _ says:

How did you eat Popeyes biscuit without water chief

princepernell#10 says:

Are you the devil from the cow and chicken cartoon and do you share the leftovers with I R baboon?

Kids Sketch Pad says:

Have u thought about making Timmy tomato t-shirts?

sunshinegirl 93 says:

You should do Popeyes vs churches their biscuits are honey batterd it’s amazing

Lisa TheCatDude says:

You should try Popeyes spicy chicken, it’s even better.

Jean Orengo says:

Popeyes needs 5 dollar menu i will go to popeye everyday

Rachael D'Haiti says:

Popeyes has the best Cajun fries

Kila Jenn says:


Hailey Stokes says:

KFC til I die!!

Saltpork305 says:

I go to KFC for pot pie and Popeyes when I want fried chicken.

Bacon Lobster says:

Honestly once you go Popeyes you never go back

Faviola Cruz says:

LMFAO I was laughing so hard @ 3:40

Tiffany Fein says:

Timmy….no ones gonna sponsor you. You don’t have to prove anything to us.

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